Friday, July 29, 2011

Been a while

Sorry it has been a while. Life has gotten fantasticly wonderfully busy. Really.

Random updates:
  • Evie has 4 teeth now - 2 bottom front and her 2 vampire teeth. One came in while we were in CA on June 22 and the other came in on July 23. yep a month apart!
  • She is a crawling machine. One of the reasons I don't post much! My evenings consist of playing with her, feeding her dinner, bathing, play time, bed time, picking up the house (a crawler makes you want to have clean floors!), getting lunches ready, getting the morning stuff ready, dinner for adults. So I don't sit down till 8pm, and usually start falling asleep by 9:30
  • Evie has been waking up earlier and earlier. She sleeps around 10-11 hours straight. But wakes up between 5 and 6. So we get into day care and work early. Realized I get so much done getting into work early!
  • Eve loves her doggies. Especially their toys and beds. Dog Toys = Baby toys. 
  • The heat last week was horrible. So happy we have AC in the bedrooms. Evie handled it well.
  • Evie loves the water! She has a splash pool and LOVES the thing! She loves swimming lessons too!
  • She is getting so close to fully pulling up. She will pull up on shorter things, but does not have the arm strength yet to pull up fully on the coffee table.
  • While holding her up, she has started to fully support herself standing for a good 3 seconds!
  • This girl loves to put her toys away. Loves putting things into bins. Puts toys away on shelves. So stinking cute!
  • The dogs and I are trying to go to agility class more often. They absolutely love it as do I. Just makes for a busy late night.
  • The back yard is coming along. Nick and his dad did some wonderful ground leveling (with 1.5 dumpsters full of dirt/loam). Sprinkler system installed. We did end up putting grass seed down and we have grass growing (yes it is the annual grass but it will keep the weeds away). Next is to build the fence! Yes some grass may die while trampling over it but we will put more seed down! Cannot wait for a fence and a good backyard next summer for Evie to play in. Now to start searching for a good play set for the back!
  • Work has been going good. Just lots of stuff to do. 
  • I am a witch. At least that is the first thing I thought when I went to the doctor last week and she determined I have a wart on my nose. Happy that it isn't a bad growth and just a virus, I was a little scared it was something bad. Going to a dermatologist to get it removed. She could have started it in the office but since it is my face, I want as little scaring as possible.  After that I figured that this hard area on my thumb is also a wart (3 years old) so I need to start over the counter removal for that.
  • Eve is starting to talk. A few weeks ago I swear she said Luna while she was patting her. Came out more like OoooNa. She stares at me and says Mama. Also says Dada.

And the biggest update - Evie will be 1 in less than 2 weeks! OMG!!! I cannot believe it has been a year since I was waiting for her to come out. I remember these weeks very vividly waiting till she was born. Just a reminder of how huge I was...
I remember every night just waiting. Counting contractions, wondering if it was going to be it. Waking up every morning and nope nothing. Ahh memories.
Starting to plan little miss Evelyn's birthday. Depending on the state of the back yard, it will either be in the front or in the back. We are doing snacks and cake (sliders, dips, veggies) - KISS (keep it simple stupid). I want to make a banner. I have the invites - wanted to do a photo one but just got something I liked that I fill in. Still figuring out size. I would love to invite some of my mommy friends, but depends on size and where it is located. Will post some ideas I have form pinterest maybe later today