Friday, August 20, 2010

Breast feeding Journey

At the hospital we were having issues breast feeding. My nipples are small, and do not protrude much. Evie has a hard time latching with them. At the hospital we could only get her to latch on the right one and only in the side lying position. They had me pump and syringe feed her (curved tip syringe feed her while she is sucking on a pinky). Feeding was a production.

We continued this while at home. I would try to breast feed, Evie would get frustrated, Nick would syringe feed her while I would pump. We would use the fluid that I last pumped with the current feeding. So she was getting breast milk, but we were also supplementing with formula since I was not pumping much. The right boob was pumping about 1 ounce(about 30 mL) and the left boob was pumping 5-10mL.

We went to the pediatrician on Monday (8/16/10), and she said that I should contact the lacation consultant. I called when I got home - told them that my right boob was not producing much and we were having issues latching and feeding.

Went to the lactation consultant on Tuesday (8/17/1o). She was impressed with our dedication of the days and days of syringe feeding. She gave us the OK to move to supplementing with bottles! Such a relief, they are easier and faster! I got fitted for a nipple shield. This thing works WONDERFULLY! Evie latches on so easily (as long as she isn't frustrated, if she is frustrated can take a minute for her to calm down, then it is easier). She does have some issues latching because her hands are in the way. She will feed for over 10 minutes per side. If she gets sleepy we switch feed. 10 minutes on one side, 10 minutes on the other, 5 on the first side, 5 on the second. The switching helps keep her awake. Anyways, at the appointment they weighted her and she took in more fluid on the left boob! All that boob needed was a little miss Evelyn eating! that boob was so firm and full. They had me massage it while she was feeding to help get as much fluid out as possible. They put me on a feeding schedule, nurse, supplement with bottle, pump.

On Wednesday, we continued to do the feedings. Lot easier than the syringes. So happy for those to be gone! Realized Wednesday night my boobs feel so much better and more normal than they have felt in a long time. They were swollen with fluid for most of my pregnancy.

Today (8/20/10) we had another lactation appointment. They weight her naked and she weighted almost 8 pounds! So she is now gaining weight! They are having me pull back my supplementation (supplement every other feeding) since I am pumping about an ounce after feedings so that Evie will feed more at the breast. Will see how that goes. Did the first feeding without supplementation and it went ok. She spent more time at the breast, which is good.

Also today I got my medela freestyle pump! It is charging and I just sanitized the parts! Waiting for them to cool before I pump with it. It has to charge for 24 hours before it can be portable. Will first pump without the hands free attachment, but tonight I know I will try the hands free! So excited to have this pump - much better than the rental one I had from the hospital!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

No More Umbilical Cord Stump - 8/18/10

Yesterday morning while I was changing Evie's diaper, I unbuttoned her onsie and her umbilical cord stump was there! One week! Eeek - time is flying by!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Evelyn Irene's Birth Story

Wednesday August 11, 2010 we arrived at the hospital at 7:20 am to start the induction process since I was one week overdue. Got changed and was waiting for the doctor to arrive. At 8:30 we got the order to start the pitocin. My doctor came in at 8:50ish. She broke my water, wow that felt like a huge warm gush! The pitocin started out slow at 2mL/hour and almost every half hour it was increased by 2. Started to feel some contractions about an hour later. They started to get more and more uncomfortable once the pitocin was set to 8mL/hour. We ordered lunch, since everyone thought we would be delivering around 11 that evening, I really wanted to make sure I had my energy.

I decided I wanted to try walking around - to help get things going and to stretch and keep my mind off things. The pitocin was up to 14mL/hour. While we were walking the contractions were 1 minute 30 seconds apart, lasting for 50 seconds. We did one loop and I HAD to get Nubane. When we got back in the room, she backed me down to 12mL/hour. Food was delivered, but had NO interest in eating. I had to stop and concentrate to get through each contraction. Was not vocal at all, so I don’t think anyone really knew how painful they were. We got back to our room and the nurse gave me the nubane. It really didn’t take any edge off. Just made me sleepy between contractions. Nick asked what the estimated time of delivery was, since he knew I was in pain. They told him around 10pm or 11pm, and he was worried about me being in pain for that long. My blood pressure kept going up and they were ordering blood work to make sure everything was ok. They had me lay on my left side since the baby was reacting to contractions while I was on my right. Then they got really painful. Was begging for an epidural, but had to wait for the blood work. Took forever for them to get up and take it. I didn’t even see who took it, I just was laying there trying to get through each contraction. I remember hating that my arm had to be relaxed and out when they were drawing the blood. Really wanted it bent in front of me, resting on the edge of the bed. I know they were 2-3 minutes apart and seemed to last forever. But closing my eyes and relaxing between each one was fantastic. It helped me through each one, knowing I would be able to relax with my eyes closed. Nick was awesome and was rubbing my leg - really gave me something to concentrate on and was soothing. I also remember it was hard to breath slowly through the contractions.

30 minutes after backing down the pitocin, my nurse checked me and was very surprised - I was 10 cm and the baby’s head was right there! She called up my doctor, who was just about to start a D&C, and asked if she had time. Nope, that got postponed. She arrived in the room, got things set up. Started pushing! She kept saying that I was made to have babies. 4 contractions later - 3 pushes each contraction, and little Evelyn Irene was born at 1:23 - 20 1/2 inches - 7lb 10 ounces! Could not believe it was a girl! I would like to say I knew the whole time. Was always leaning towards girl! They put her right on my chest and dried her off there and checked her. She got an 8 and then a 9 on her APGAR score. They said that Evie got really good nutrition since the umbilical cord was larger than normal.

I had a 2nd degree tear. I think I felt it tearing at the time. I do remember feeling the shots and the stitches for the tear. They could not believe how far I progressed! No one was expecting me to deliver that early, especially since I kept my pain to myself. Really, the contractions did not get bad until noon. Yes they were uncomfortable, but I was able to concentrate and talk through them. Kind of pushed the pain to the back of my head.

So worth it and so in love!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have really enjoyed having my parents visit. They have been awesome while I am hugely pregnant. My mom has made dinner every night. Sunday we had yummy steak tips that Nick and my dad picked up at the butcher. Last night she made tri tip brought from CA on the plane!

They have been helping so much around the house, actually outside.

Sunday morning they did a lot of cleaning outside, which I have not been able to do. My dad pulled a lot of vines off an area and OMG it looks so much better! Nick chopped down a small tree with a hatchet. I was watching from inside and should have gotten a video or pictures!

Yesterday we ran a lot of errands around the house. My dad is building a gate for the top of the deck for a toddler and for the dogs, so we went and got supplies. We ate lunch out at my favorite pizza place (they make neapolitan style pizza - wood fired - thin crust - minimal toppings - but oh so good).

Today they are working on the gate. But while doing this he didn't like how the deck stairs are (they are about 60 years old) and he is reinforcing a lot of them and replacing some of the boards. Giving us about 4 years more left of this deck before we have to replace it.

It is so nice having them around! Even tho they are not used to this heat and humidity. Katie is laughing at them since she is in southern Illinois and her fiance's family is in Tenessee. So she gets insane heat and humidity.

But been awesome! Just wish baby was here by now!


So I went to the hospital today to start Miso. Got there, changed, things hooked up, settled in. Then one of the doctors from my practice came in and did an internal exam. He had the medicine ordered. I was 2 - 2.5 and very soft and still 60%. He decided to wait for tomorrow to start the pitocin. So we came home. Well it was a good practice run. So now just a waiting game. He said that you could go tonight on your own. Yeah I highly doubt it.

I was surprised that in one day I progressed 0.5 tho! So hopefully the pitocin will help and make things progress quickly instead of day or so.

So been home. Took a nap. Had a tri tip sandwich (my mom makes the best tri tip). Just relaxing this last day. Was thinking about getting a pedicure, but I did my nails last night and they look pretty good so I will wait and get one after baby.

Monday, August 9, 2010


So tomorrow at 7am we are going to the hospital. I am getting started on a pill to help efface. Then tomorrow night/wednesday morning i start pitocin. So baby on Wednesday!

Today's doctors appointment was 2cm dilated. So at this rate it is 8 more weeks..haha. Still decently effaced so that is why I am starting tomorrow on some sort of pill. Will find out more information while I am there tomorrow. Expect lots of things on here since I will have nothing to do!

Was going to get a pedicure today, but didn't make it into the plan. OH well. Katie is going to paint my toenails tonight so that should be fun! May call up some salons and see if they are still open but it is 5:20 so doubt it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

40 weeks!

How Far Along: 40 weeks!!! Now I am overdue...
How Big is Baby: Around 7 - 7.5 lbs and 21.5 inches long
What is Baby up to: As long as she's in your belly, baby's hair and nails will continue to grow, and her lungs will keep developing. She's anywhere from 5 to 11 pounds and is getting ready for a slightly gooey introduction any day now. (Upon arrival, baby will probably be covered in blood, vernix caseosa, lanugo, and amniotic fluid.)
Total Weight Gain: +17 lbs.
Movement: Has slowed down. But get a lot of movement at night like always.
Belly Button:Almost flat. Top half is flat/pokes out when in the right posistion, bottom half is still an inny..sort of
What I Miss: Cold beer on a hot day
What I am Looking Forward To: Outside Baby! Induction next week!
Gender: No idea... Boy or Girl. Really no clue.

Yesterday was my due date (August 4th). So now I am officially overdue.

Other things that have happened this week. Yesterday the baby was not moving much. I had some sugar (a nice pile of starburst) and a yogurt. Waited an hour and still not much movement. A nudge here and a nudge there. Called my OB office and they had me come in.

The APRN listed to the heart beat (was 130) and did an internal. I was a 'good' 1cm and more effaced than I was on Monday. So more progress which makes me happy. Then I went to get a Non Stress Test. Very simple test. They strapped two things on my belly - one to measure the baby's heart beat and one to measure contractions. When on it the baby's heart beat was around 140. Was very sleepy and they kept moving it and poking it. Got some jumps in heart rate which is what they wanted. Still didn't move much (3 times total in 20 min, but most were small). But they were happy with what they saw. They said that I was contracting, but I wasn't feeling anything.

So the contractions just need to increase in intensity. Today I have had really bad cramping and my back has been killing me. Hopefully things will get going soon. If not I am getting induced next Wednesday I believe. So I will have the baby in a week!!! So want to go naturally, but I have a feeling that is not going to happen. She was saying should be a day or so before I go, but think that is true? Don't know.

So excited to meet this little one!

Friday is my last day of work. If the baby does not come on its own, i am taking 2-3 days vacation. Then 6 weeks short term disability. Then 1 week vacation. So I will be back at work beginning of October. Not a long maternity leave, but unfortunately all I can do. Maybe my doctor will say I need longer than 6 weeks (so doubt it).

Baby please come out! The world wants to meet you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Due Date To Me

No baby, no signs of baby. I highly doubt it will be coming any time soon. I know I will wake up tomorrow morning overdue. Accepted that fact. But it happens to a lot of women, so I did in the back of my mind expect this to happen. I am bouncing and rocking on my yoga ball (same as birthing ball) every night for 30-40 min.

Its funny. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I wanted things to go as natural as possible. But now at the end, I just want the baby out! I want to celebrate his or her birthday! I would so be up for induction right now! I see the benefit, somewhat, of my family members who scheduled c-sections. I don't want one, but I see the benefit of knowing the exact day you will have the baby. Funny how your plans change as you reach the end.

But today in the shower I decided that Friday is my last day of work! My parents are arriving on Saturday/Sunday! So it will be at most 2-3 days vacation then short time disability, then a week of vacation. So looks like returning to work September 30 or October 1st. Works for me!

Now to decide if I am going to go to agility class tonight. It could help get things going. Maybe. I will be tired, but it helps me relax and not keep my mind on baby. I see the benefits of going and not going. Not sure. I know Nick doesn't want me to go. I'll figure it out by 4 today...

Monday, August 2, 2010

First Cervix check, and membranes stripped

Today I had my 39 week OB appointment. Same 'ole same 'ole. She asked if I wanted my cervix checked - of course I did! I am 1 cm and 60% effaced and VERY soft. So progress. No where near where I wanted to be. But it is progress.

I asked for my membranes to be stripped (between the uterus wall and the bag of waters). It wasn't that bad. Just a little crampy but nothing major. I had a decent amount of blood after, but that has stopped. Some cramps and some contractions afterwards, but nothing big. Hope this helps get something going, but I am not holding my breath.

But next Monday I will get a pill and will go in for an induction I believe on Wednesday or Thursday. At least there is an end in sight, but not early enough.