Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yep last last Friday I got my hands on a shiny new iPhone 4s! Actually got it on release day! Who would have thought. Now I am finally entering the 21st Century with a smart phone. It is amazing how many smart phones there are now and how it is nearly impossible to get a non smart phone now when you renw your cell phone contract.

OK funny back story. Nick preordered my iphone through a local small verizon store. They could not guarantee him a date that it would be in, but within the week of release day, not bad since I needed to sign a new contract and all and didn't want to stand in line. So the day before it was released, October 13, I was sitting at my desk. I went to grab my metal water bottle. Forgot to put the lid on right. It fell on my LG Dare (touchscreen) and shattered the screen. Panic mode. WTF, I am supposed to get a new phone within the week and now I have an unusable phone. So went home to get Nick's replacement phone (we did have insurance, but didn't want to pay $50 to get a new phone when I would be getting one soonish anyways). Got that POS activated so at least I could make and receive phone calls. One day with that texting phone and I was DONE. Luckily to my surprise, that wonderful Friday afternoon got a call that they had the iPhones in! I rushed out of work and got the last black iPhone 16G! I knew if I didn't replace my broken phone I would not get the iPhone for a week. But if I replaced it then I would get tit quickly (it worked!)

I am loving my wonderful slice of technology! So pretty. So light. Smaller than my old phone. Easy to use. Siri is kind of fun and has some great easter eggs in it.

I have not bought any applications yet. But have a small amount of free ones (angry birds, facebook, pandora, grocery iq, skype, falling stars).

And I have a new favorite app! Grocery iQ. I have multiple lists on it. One for the grocery store, One for Target, One for the craft store. And I can sign in online on my computer and edit my list there, organize the sections of the list to make shopping faster. And I can share it too! Now to get my husband to download it on his android. It even has links to coupons.com so you have your coupons with you (have not used this yet). OK closer look looks like you can't. D'OH.

I am thinking of getting the Target app since I am there so often. They always have great coupons too and would be able to actually possibly maybe have coupons to use.

Have any other good apps for me to get?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evie's First Birthday Party!

The Saturday after Evie's first birthday was her party! Invited lots of her friends, our friends, and family. Was a lot of fun.

We actually had the party in our backyard. Nick and his dad got the backyard leveled and grass actually started to grow (annual grew first then the perennial started to grow)! A little look of a work in progress/construction zone (mound of dirt covered by a tarp...), but was perfect.

I made a sign for the area for presents. There is also a balloon covered wreath that we never hung up that I made. Looked really cute, just didn't have a place to put it. The sign was fairly easy to make, just an hour a night for about 3 nights.

The party was in the late afternoon. I didn't want it too early to mess with anyone's nap schedules, and lets face it, working mom does not equal good enough to get everything together for a Saturday morning. I didn't make as much as I wanted for the party. Decided to keep it simple. Ordered a yummy and gorgeous cake. We had pizza delivered. Made a fantastic salad. Had fruit. Had sodas, water, and lots of beer.

We had her splash mat set up (pool with sprinklers built in), a water table set up, as well as some of her favorite toys set up in the backyard. All the kids loved the water!

And her smash cake! 


And mommy going to clean off frosting covered baby

We wanted to open presents in front of everyone, but tiredness overcame. I knew she would not be interested. So we put off presents till the next few days. We really did about 1-2 presents a night for about a week. She got some fantastic gifts (and bad mommy never sent out thank you cards!)

It was a fantastic birthday party! I know the next one will be even more fun with her running everywhere. Thanks to everyone who helped out and joined us for the party. Was such a great day!

Evelyn Irene's First Birthday!

Yes this is 2 months late. I have a post almost written with a letter to her for her birthday. Just need to add the stats I have written down somewhere at home from her 1 year doctor's visit. Hopefully I'll get that posted before her 15 month appointment next week.

Her first birthday was so much fun! I took the day off to celebrate it with her. I just knew I would not be able to drop her off at day care, since I wanted to be with her and reminisce about the day she was born.

The day started off with a happy girl in her crib. All smiles and giggles. I believe she slept in that morning since we didn't have to go to daycare and work!

We decided to start the birthday morning off with homemade pancakes (with real NH maple syrup), chicken apple sausages, and bananas. Yummy breakfast morning! This was her first taste of maple syrup. She was pretty much just eating syrup. I don't blame her! YUM!

Then we got dressed to go to our favorite baby/toddler store for a music class! Evie had fun, while we sang along. She was the youngest one there but she enjoyed it, especially the monkey mask they used as props for 10 monkeys jumping on the bed.

After the class, we came home and napped. Birthday girl needs her sleep! Then had some lunch, played around the house. Since it was so gorgeous out (since August usually is, unless it is humid) we went to the public pool! Dressed her in her cute suit. Got there, switched her to her reusable swim diaper. And went in. This pool has a great kid area (no pictures, was just me and her). She had fun with the spouts of water, water trickling down on her. And enjoyed going into the deep end with mama to practice kicking, dunking under water, and twirling. This kid loves the water and will be a little fish!

After a good hour, we had enough and I didn't want her to get too cold, so we headed home. Daddy was leaving work early so we could all enjoy dinner together!

For dinner, was her favorite, Mac and Cheese! How can you go wrong with cheese and pasta? And of course, finished it off with a gourmet vanilla cupcake from a yummy local cupcake shop

Yes we did get a video too :)

Then present time! She got a great present from her aunt Katie! Katie has had a Gund Monkey forever. It is her favorite item of all time. So she got Evie one too! Here is a great picture of Katie's monkey and Evie's monkey. A really sweet picture, showing how loved hers is, and kind of passing on the torch 

And how can we talk about her opening presents without a video of her opening Monkey. Includes kisses :)

And that was her first birthday day! Filled with sooo much fun! Love this little girl, who will always be mommy's baby!