Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Day of Work and Day Care

Today was my first day back at work and Evie's first full day of day care. She is 7 weeks old today!

Monday she had a 1/2 day of day care, while I got a pedicure and did some shopping (got her some outfits!). That day went well. Was easier to drop her off then since it was a shorter time and I was out doing things, it was more like dropping her off at a baby sitter while I had a date with myself.

Tuesday, we cuddled and watched movies. Was wonderful spending a full day as Evie and Me.

Today I went back to work. Boo. Woke between 6 and 6:30. Moved Evie to her in her crib while I got dressed, took dogs out, fed animals, made lunch. Woke her up at 7:20 to eat. Got her changed. We got out the door at 8:20ish. Not bad. Not bad.

I got teary on the way to day care. Really enjoyed spending time with Evie and could not believe it was finished. Why does the US have horrible maternity leave policies? Work doesn't cover anything. Thank god for short term disability. But really the us maternity leave is pathetic.

Anyways, brought her inside and the woman I like (almost all the women in the 6 week - 6 month room are like grandmas) was there and I handed her off. She started rocking Evie. I updated her chart, dropped off her stuff and headed out the door. I so wanted to stay there with her!

I am happy that we live so close to work and day care. Don't have to waste much time in the car! I think that helps.

Pumping at work went well (got 7ish ounces in one pumping). I am pumping in an office that isn't occupied. Works well. Going to get a key to that office to make it easier.

Left work at 3. Came home and did my second pumping (8 ounces). Headed to Babies R Us to get another set of pump parts so I don't have to clean my pump while at work. Also got more bottles since I know we will need more and I don't want to wash all the time.

THEN I WENT TO PICK UP EVELYN!!!! Oh that was the highlight of my day! So happy to have her in my arms! Came home and cuddled, talked to her, and loved her! Really makes me appreciate my time with her. She got a bath tonight and was in such a happy mood. This girl loves baths!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Morning Routine trial 1

Today, I tried to do everything to get ready in the morning so I know what I need to change once I go back to work today. Going to try it every day and see what I can improve. Would love to try to fit in a walk for the dogs.

Today I started late (when Evie woke up) at 7:30.
Woke up Evie, changed her diaper, changed her clothes (into more pjs), fed her
Dressed (now 8:30)
Went downstairs, let dogs out, made coffee
Cleaned pump parts
Fed animals
Made Lunch
Makeup, brush teeth

Need to add to the list getting evie dressed and face washed. Getting bags together for Evie and me.

What I am going to change: get coffee together the night before. I am going to get our bags together the night before also.

To help save some time, I want to wake up before Evie and pump then shower. Then wake Evie up and feed her. Hopefully will help. And having coffee ready will help!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We had a great weekend!

Saturday we all went to the glendi (greek festival). Was a lot of fun! We met up with some people there. I do not know the greek names for things, and I soooo cannot pronounce them. I should since I married a 1/2 greek. But we started off with some yummy fried dough balls covered in maple syrup, and dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon and sugar. YUM! We went to the dinner tent. It was early, so we ate around 2pm, but this place gets packed and you can wait in line for over an hour or more the closer it gets to dinner time. Nick had a lamb shank, which he said was fantastic and fall off the bone. I got stuffed grape leaves and greek meatballs. The stuffed grape leaves were not as good as one of Nick's cousin makes. I need to start to make these since they are my favorite. This year they had a beer tent. So we were able to eat with a greek beer! They are also getting bigger and bigger. This year they had carnival rides there - kiddy roller coasters, bumper cars, etc! Evie will so love it once she is older! We ended the glendi with a trip to get greek pastries! YUM! If I knew a greek pastry store that was near by that would be a BAD thing!

Afterwards we stopped by Nick's grandparents home (on his dad's side). His cousin and girlfriend were there making apple pies. I so want to make an apple pie now! YiaYia just sat and held and talked to Evie. Was so cute!

Isn't her outfit cute! Neighbors down the street gave it to us!

Sunday we met with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Mass. We went to Appleton fair for their family fun day. Was great to see everyone. Evie and I tried to nurse in public and it didn't work well. I was uncomfortable. Today we went and picked up a nursing cover to make it easier next time. Evie was great out! Wish we would have gotten more pictures. Would have loved to get one of her on top of a HUGE pumpkin. Need to learn pictures are the best thing ever. But here is one of her outfit while she was chilling in the stroller/car seat.

Have to say I was tired after all this. We just chilled at home afterwards and I fell asleep before 10.

OH and last night Evie slept during the night for 5.5 hours!!!!!! Was fantastic!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fantastic Day

Today has been a great day so far!

Evie woke up around 6:30 am for a feeding. Then we laid in bed with her on my chest till 8:30. Was awesome to relax till then. We went downstairs to do stuff before Nick left for work (he sleeps in and gets in later). She was awake and happy the whole time!

In the morning/early afternoon, I was able to shower, put 2 loads of laundry away, do a load of laundry, wash the sheets! Vacuumed downstairs and went through recipes to make a meal plan for the week!

this afternoon we did our first successful grocery trip - just Evie and me. I wore Evie in the Ergo. Went perfectly. Got home and she let me put all the groceries away!

I was even able to make dinner! Evie helped!

Also Evie has been able to nurse without the shield so far 3 times today!


Last night Evie did a whole nursing session with no shields on both boobs!!! So excited!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Evie is one month old!

Happy one month birthday little girl! LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are such a good girl. I will do anything in this world for you, as will your dad. Cannot believe it has already been a month. We have come such a long way and have learned each other. Cannot believe that my life has changed so much in a month, and I cannot imagine it any other way!

Last friday after her 3 week appointment, she was 9 pounds and 21.5 inches long! We are noticing that she is growing and getting bigger. She is starting to smile, especially while eating. Today brought her upstairs to wake up Nick, and she was smiling while laying there with us! So cute. The smiles last maybe a second. She is also responding to sounds and starting to focus on stuff!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Latched!

This morning I tried to breastfeed Evie without a shield. She latched for 8 minutes!!! Actually swallowing too! So excited! Was just one side, need to try the next side the other feeding.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Evie is a music lover!

Whenever Evie is fussy, I have found putting music on, singing to her, and just swaying does the trick. She so loves music and dancing! She plays guitar hero with Dad (and does a fantastic job!) too! Sometimes it puts her to sleep, sometimes she likes to listen while looking around. So far I know she loves Frank Sinatra (and any swing/jazz music), Jack Johnson, The Beatles, Flogging Molly, Broadway Musicals. We tried Bob Marley and she wasn't as much of a fan, but she was really fussy.

I need to look for a cheap-ish i home for her room. I have my old ipod that I will put music on and leave in there so we always have music!

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 week Dr Appointment Update

Had Evie's 3 week doctors appointment today. Went really well. Waited a little long in the waiting room, Evie started to fuss, so I had to hold her and play with her - she just wanted attention.

Got called in and went to our room. Stripped her, which does not make her happy. She weighs 9 pounds!!! Could not believe it. She is 21.5 inches long! So she has gained over 1 pound and has grown an inch in 3 weeks! WooHoo!

She did not like being examined by the doctor. Really did not like when she was feeling her stomach. Who would like that? She was screaming! But I was able to quiet her down by re-clothing her and putting her in her car seat.

Not a bad appointment. Next one has shots (2 month). A little afraid of that one. Ok, very afraid of that one.


So today, Evie has been eating a lot. And then falls asleep at the breast. It has to do with the heat - two bodies close together makes us each hot and she falls asleep. But we did some feeding down stairs with the shield. She got fussy, we went upstairs to the rocker. Was rocking her and thought might as well try. SHE LATCHED! Only for maybe 30 seconds - but she latched so easily!!!! Happy Day. Tonight/Tomorrow going to try again! Will be so awesome if we can ever get rid of the shield - will be so much comfortable trying to nurse in public!

And I love only having to pump twice to three times a day! And not having to supplement her! We have come a long way from having to feed her with our pinky and syringe and having to trick her to latch with a lot of fluid! And how now she doesn't really have any formula - so happy she is drinking all breastmilk!!!

Bottle Review

When we were registering, we decided to try out a lot of different bottles. We didn't want to invest in something we didn't like. We have tried quite a few - Dr. Browns, Born Free, Tommee Tippee, Avent. The Dr. Browns and the Born Free, we are trying to use mostly glass - never know what they will find in plastic that is bad, so glass at home, plastic while out.

My lacation consultant recommended Dr. Browns and Avent. She said to make sure that the nipple is towards the top of the mouth, which is easier to do with some bottles than others.
Dr. Browns bottles are our favorites. They fit in both our hands well. Evie seems to like them. They are simple to use. Yes there are a lot of parts, but just throw them in the dishwasher basket and all is fine (and the nipples fit perfectly in our munchkin dishwasher baskets). Takes no time to assemble (simpler than the born free) and can do it while half asleep. Just like these the most. The plastic bottles say made in the USA! The glass and plastic bottles are the same shape. Like them both. But unfortunately the parts are not as easily interchangeable from glass to plastic (since the glass are 3.5 oz and the plastic are 4 oz - why not make them the same size???).

The Born Free bottles come in a close second. We do like them - like the nipple. They don't fit in my small hands as easily, but work. They take more time to assemble than the dr. browns since you have to line up and fit two pieces together. I forget where these are made... We only have glass in these.

The Avent bottles came in second also. They are easy to use with Evie. So simple to put together since the air mitigation is in the nipple. We got one of these while at the hospital, so thought we would use it. I just like to make sure that the air hole is positioned at the top when feeding. I like how these are made in England! They do not come in glass, so bummer.

Hated the tommee tippee bottles! They are wide, hard to hold in my hand. The nipple is nice since it mimics a breast, but because of how wide it is, it is hard to keep it aimed at the roof of Evie's mouth. And I do not handle these well. I have small hands and these just don't work! Because they are so wide, it is hard to assemble and disassemble these. Just wish they weren't as wide, but had the same nipple so I could use them easier.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Update

Evie has been doing good. She is on some gas drops that are helping so much! She does still get gassy, but bouncing, rocking, walking around help a lot.

We have realized that outings make the days so much nicer and help with my sanity! We have been to Target twice, mall once (with Nick), the post office.

Yesterday we visited work. We were on our way to the mall after we stopped by the post office. But I was on auto pilot and drove away from the mall. Realized I was going the wrong way, and was taking the bridge across the river near work. Nick had bee wanting me to stop by work to say hi to everyone - so we decided to stop by. It was a long visit (2 hours), but we made our rounds and everyone got to see her! She did great, slept the whole time. Got home in time for her next feeding.

Today we went to Target (she slept). Later in the day, Nick and I went to the grocery store. She was awake for a lot of it, then towards the end she started fussing and crying. So we went to the car. The second we got outside she stopped crying. At least Nick was able to finish grocery shopping.

Breastfeeding is going well, well with the shield. Need to make a follow up appointment with our lactation consultant. I am no longer supplementing during the day. Sometimes we supplement at night. Nick does one feeding (around 2am) with pumped breast milk while I sleep through it.

Last night, he stayed up late and fed her her 5am feeding. Yep, I missed two feedings. My boobs were killing me from being engorged when I woke up. Never ever missing two feedings in a row without pumping! They feel fine now. But lesson learned!

I am also not pumping after every feeding. Usually once in the morning, and either once or twice at night. I need to work on cleaning out the freezer to make room for breast milk! Excited to build up a freezer stash.

I think we may have to get a deep freezer at some point soon. Especially if we end up getting a subscription to Costco/SamsClub/BJs. Our freezer with our fridge gets filled up so quickly. Or maybe just a fridge for the basement to keep extra drinks cold and to use the freezer.

Evie has a pediatrician appointment on Friday! Will post and let everyone know how she is! Cannot wait to see how much she weighs!

Love my little girl!