Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6 Month Pediatrician Well Baby Visit

It went well. They are happy with her progress. Evie had way too much fun sitting on the table playing with the tissue paper!

Her milestones are going well. I always question her talking abilities. She isn't doing all different sounds that I can tell. But everything is high pitched (surprise surprise) so it is hard to make out different sounds.

Of course she did not like the shots. They did 3. Then as she was nursing afterwards, the nurse asked if we wanted the flu shot. Of course. So she got another one. She was not happy. One of the nurses was not as good. Evie has 2 bruises on her left leg from the shots. I feel so bad for her!

Her stats:
Height 27 inches (90%ile)
Weight 14lb 14.5oz (25%ile)
Head Circumference 40.5cm (10%ile)

So she is still growing long, but not gaining as much weight. They aren't worried. She is also getting over a bug over the weekend so that could play a part. Or she is just a long peanut!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Evie is 6 months old!

My dear Evelyn,

I cannot believe you are already 6 months old! Half a year has already passed since the wonderful day you were born. Wow. The past 6 months have flown by and I have cherished and loved every second!

A lot has gone on in the past month!

First you are sitting on your own. As long as I position you correctly. I do not have to put as much effort into making sure your legs are positioned right, you do that on your own. You do not wobble as much, you actually keep balanced - Even when reaching for toys. Such an improvement of you sitting properly without reaching for anything. Now you even can go towards the ground and do sit ups while sitting. Your core is getting strong!

Also your toy interaction has improved greatly. Your hand eye coordination is coming a long way. You are grabbing at toys. Keeping your hold on them. Putting them in your mouth (everything goes in your mouth), chewing on them. You are doing what you want with them! Growing and learning before my eyes!

Food has been fun! We started you first on oatmeal cereal. Then onto real foods. Avocado (not a hit), Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Bananas, Pears, Carrots, Green Beans. You are liking them all. May take a few times to warm up to them but you are enjoying the whole eating process. You are a pro at eating. From the first time you open your mouth up wide when the spoon comes close. You don't make a mess at all. Most of the mess is from it falling off the spoon before it gets to your mouth. I am starting to mix foods together to give you some depth in flavor, and you seem to be enjoying it. I have not made much homemade baby food for you. It takes a lot of time, and I am not 100% on my game. Sorry. But I have found you 100% organic baby food and the only ingredient is the food that you are eating - so very close to homemade! I want to make more, and will try to make batches and freeze on the weekends........

The introduction of solids means that your poops are lovely! Haha. I know what you did not want to read. Dad keeps saying we should just keep you on breastmilk.....

Speaking of breastmilk - WE MADE IT 6 MONTHS NURSING! That is the first goal I had for us! I am very happy we are there. You have only had breastmilk since about 1.5-2 weeks old! It has taken dedication, and we have come a far way. But you love it as do I. We will continue till 1 year (9 months is the first goal). The thought was to stop at a year, but I have a feeling I will want to continue morning and/or evening nursing sessions. I love it so much and it is a time with just you and you seem to enjoy it too. xoxoxo.

We also had your first plane trip across the country. You loved it! You handled the plane ride wonderfully! Slept, ate, played, fussed a little while falling asleep, cuddled, ate, etc. You loved visiting California. Loved being in summer clothing. Loved wearing no socks (as did I). You are great with visitors and people you have never met. You never minded being passed from person to person. Such a social butterfly. Hope you keep that up!

One other thing you started right before your 6 month birthday. You love dogs! Visiting my parents (they are still figuring out their names for you to call them, they say it is up to you), you started laughing at the dogs. You reach for them every time they come near. You love the puppies and I can't blame you! They will love it when you start to chase them around the house!

It has been a fantastic month my little girl. Cannot believe how fast you are growing up! Soon you will have your first tooth. Soon you will be crawling. Wow I cannot believe it.

I love you my beautiful little girl. So very much. All I want to do is be with you! Especially after spending a week with you due to snow storms and traveling! Love You!


Friday, February 11, 2011

February Trip to CA!

February 3 - February 8 Evie and I were in California!

It was a fantastic trip. Got to see family. Evie got to spend time with her Great Grandmother (Nana), her grandparents (my parents...they are still working on their names) for 3+ days straight!

The plane trip out was not bad. LOOOOONG. We flew southwest with a connection in Phoenix. Wow the flight to Phoenix seems to last FOR-EV-ER (say Sandlot style). But Evie was a trooper. We nursed well on the flight. She sucked on her pacifier up and down. She fussed while she was getting comfortable to sleep. The flight was packed, due to the snow storm the day before. But we survived. The flight from Phoenix to Oakland was not bad. Not as packed. I picked a spot next to a bigger lady in the window seat. People passed us up. Who wants to be in the middle seat with one side someone taking up the whole seat and a baby? Good job I thought. Was nice to have the empty seat. This flight was not as long, and went by quickly. But I was anxious and exausted and just wanted it to be done.

My parents were there and waiting. They were so excited to see Evie, more so than me, but I expected that. How can you resist such a cutie? I was very lucky my bags were some of the first out!

Was 7:30 when we landed. Went back to their house. Evie was still awake. She went to bed late that night but was a trooper.

My parents got a pack n play to keep there. It worked perfectly. Was not too expensive and makes it so easy when traveling. And they can use it whenever we or my sister (eventually? one day in the far future?) visits. We also got them a convertable car seat to keep there. Worked perfectly and will make our money back on a second trip. Rentals are expensive, dirty, and you do not know the history of them.

Friday we ran a few errands. Evie loved hanging in the stroller walking around. She just loves looking at people and being out! Could not ask for more. After errands we grabbed In N Out (had to!) and brought it back to the house. Sat outside on their patio and enjoyed the outside. We shared a beer. Evie was in my moms lap just playing and laughing. Evie had her first party foul! She knocked over a beer playing with one of her toys. We all laughed. Nothing was broken and no one got wet!

We picked up my grandmother that late afternoon from the train station. She was thrilled to see Evie. Her first great grand child - how could she not! Got back to the house and Evie and her just played and talked. Was great seeing them together.

Saturday was Evie party day! My other grandparents came out, and my aunt, uncle, and their kids. As well as one of my mom's co workers. Had a nice get together. We bbq fajitas, chicken, carne asada, shrimp. We had black beans, salad and potato salad. As well as alcohol. I had my first margarita since before I was pregnant. Wow it was tasty! We got some great pictures of everyone and her. Everyone cherished their time with her, and did not want to give her up when it was nursing time!  

Everyone loved Evie at the party. People keep telling me that I should look into getting her modeling since she is beautiful! Maybe. She went to bed around 7:30. And with all the commotion going on she slept soo well. She loves her noise.

My parents put a fire pit in their back yard and that was a hit come sunset. Everyone was hanging by it. Roasting marshmallows. Really warmed up the night. The tiles around it were warming up. Cannot believe I was outside barefoot at night in February!

Sunday we were debating about going to Napa. But know what, we opted to chill at home. Had leftovers. Hung out outside. Just cherished the sun, warm, and each other. How family is supposed to relax. Was rejuvenating. Evie loved her outside afternoon nap. Fresh Air!!!! Was so amazing! We took their two dogs on a walk. Awesome. I forgot the hood to the stroller, so we covered her with my nursing cover when the sun was shinning on her. Definitely a D'OH moment on my part. I also forgot her sun glasses. oops. I need to find her a hat for the summer. Not sure where to start looking for this.

Monday my mom had to go in to work for a meeting. She so didn't want to go - who could blame her. She got home right before lunch. Went out to Ford Point (during WW2 tanks were made there) and had lunch at The Boiler Room. Not the best food but Evie got to see the ocean and smell the ocean air! This place was kinda cool - you could see old boilers that were used to build the tanks. And there were tracks everywhere to load the ships up with tanks to take to The Pacific.  Then a quick shopping trip at a discount shoe warehouse like store. I got a pair of short boots to replace a pair that I have worn out. Also picked up a box of See's Candy. Something very important to bring back from California.

Thursday morning woke up early. Nana and Evie got some cuddle time. Left for the airport nice and early. Had time to grab breakfast and enjoy a cup of Peet's Coffee before the flight.

The flight home was a lot easier than the flight out. She was good up and down. The flight to Phoenix wasn't bad. It was full. Sat next to a family so they understood. But Evie was great. The flight from Phoenix to Manchester was not full. Got an empty seat next to me again. I used a nursing cover since I was sharing the row with a guy. It helped Evie calm down from being over stimulated, and getting distracted watching everyone. The extra seat was so nice to stretch out and find things easily. A must.

My parents have done a lot of work in their back yard. They tiled a huge fountain, with lights at night. OMG Evie loves it. During the day she loves looking at the shimmering light and the sun reflecting off it. Loves the sound. At night the lights are wonderful! She loved it. Was memorized by it. If she was fussy, just had to bring her by the fountain and she was as happy as could be. Wonderful.

It was so warm the whole time we were there! Evie rarely had socks on, and rarely had pants on! I was barefoot the whole time we were home (well except for evenings where slippers are awesome). The highs were in the 70s almost 80s! Yeah. Nice break from New Hampshire snow. Flowers were starting to bloom and trees were starting to bud! But one oddity we saw - people get so wimpy in CA sometimes when it is sort of cold or get in the mindset that it is winter. We were out on Friday at Berkley Bowl (awesome grocery store) and there were people in heavy coats. One woman we saw had a to the knee The North Face down coat on! Yeah. I don't get it.

Tips for traveling with a baby:
  • Bring a nursing cover. Depending on who is around you, you may want to nurse covered. Also the baby may need it to help relax if over stimulated.
  • Bring new toys. Evie was facinated by some of her new ones
  • Change regularly. Don't want to risk a blowout or deal with a fussy baby for a slightly wet diaper.
  • Bring many pacifiers. And offer it constantly.
  • A pacifier clip is your friend. Use them for toys also. keeps things from falling on the floor. Lifesaver!
  • Gate check stroller but have them transfer it to the flight. Especially if flying southwest and have a short connection. you do not want to wait for the stroller.
  • Use a baby carrier to run between gates during connection. Evie fell asleep in hers.
  • As the flight attendants for what bathroom has a changing table. One usually does. I found it helpful when i didn't want to leave anyone with Evie when I had to go to the bathroom. I put her on the changing table, pulled down my pants, held her, folded up the changing table, peed, put her back on it, pulled up my pants. Viola! Not my proudest moment but it worked with a small baby.
  • Have baby wear footie PJs. Makes diaper changes easy. Don't have to fuss over socks. Makes it easy.
  • I overpacked my extra carry on. I was afraid of getting thrown up on, so packed a change of clothing for me. Packed 2 changes for Evie. Brought soooo many diapers. Packed my breast pump in case. Yeah didn't need all that. Next time packing minimal on the overhead carry on. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feet Go In Mouth

Yesterday and Today Evie's feet have FINALLY made it into her mouth! They have been hovering about a 1/2 inch from her mouth for the past month or so and she would almost get them in and then want to thump her legs on the ground.

Yesterday morning they made it into her mouth with a sock on. Then she started playing with the sock.

This morning I could not get them out of her mouth. She was angry at me when I pulled it out to change her diaper. Very cute. And she liked it even more to play with them once I put socks on. Wish I had my camera handy. D'OH my cell was in my back pocket. D'OH!

But yep Evie's feet are in her mouth! new toy that is always around!