Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Working Out

I did great for 2 days. Then stuff happened at work and had no time to work out. Boo. I was putting in time at work from 7am to 5pm. Pick up Evelyn from day care. She goes to bed around 7-7:30. Eat dinner. Then was working from dinner to 9-10. So yep was putting in many 12 hour days. Was so much fun.

I have been eating ok. I have been using http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ . I really like the site and it helps me track what I eat and caloric intake. It really does help and makes me realize where I am for the day.

Busy work schedule has been getting better so I hope to make it to the gym today! But on the plus side of busy work, I have been moving and running (literally) around at work so at least that is some activity. And I have been doing lots of stairs (I would say about 15 flights a day) since I am not a fan of the elevator.

But when I did go to the gym, I have been hitting cardio much harder than I used to. I still do weights. Also that is what I love about myfitnesspal - I can track how I work out!  Still have not weighed myself. Just keep forgetting to. oops

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Out

As of last Friday, I am done pumping at work. It has been nice not to watch the clock at work and to have to take a break. I did it easily. Last week I only pumped the morning session. Then over the weekend only nursed her during morning and night. Then on Monday did not pump. Did not pump on Tuesday either. And not today. I have the pump in the car in case I get engorged or uncomfortable. So far so good!

Anyways, that means I have to start not eating as much. Since producing milk does take an extra 300 a day. Since I am now just doing morning and night, I need to start watching more what I eat. I am no longer nursing constantly. I am no longer pumping. I don't need to eat like I am.

So yes this does take time. I have found my self questioning before and after. Need to get back to how I was eating before pregnancy and nursing.

But also this change of my working schedule means something great! I can finally start working out at work again! I am actually very excited for this! Because I was taking 3 20 min breaks at work I found it hard to go to the gym. When I was taking 2 20 min breaks was also hard. Last week was not bad but had a lot to do outside of work, just didn't have the time (Evie's first birthday party, will update in a bit about that!).

Now I have the time to work out and I am bringing my gym clothing tomorrow! I am actually very excited to get back to the gym. I need this. It will give me more energy. I will fit better in my clothing. I will like myself more when I look in the mirror.

Will update tomorrow of how it went.

(oh side note, this great blog about 5 women loosing weight together has helped inspire me to get back into working out Cut The Crap. They all have done a good job and have been realistic about the weight loss journey. The ups the downs. The food temptations. The lazyness. But they are doing great!)

Maybe if I get the courage I will post my weight. I don't have a goal weight. I don't have a goal dress size. I don't have goal jeans/clothing. OK I want to get rid of my stomach and want my thighs to be thinner/less chubby.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Planning Evie's First Birthday Day

Baby girl is 1 in 2 short days! Well really  less than 1.5 days. wow.

I am pretty sure I am taking that day as a vacation day. I will be emotional - remembering a year ago. And I don't think I will be able to drop her off and leave her at day care.

So we are going to have fun. Just her and me. Think we will start the day with homemade pancakes and chicken apple sausage. Go to a singing / music class to sing along and dance possibly. Maybe go to the public pool. Maybe go to the small children's 'museum' for her to crawl around, pull up, and play. Maybe meet dad for lunch, or just have lunch at home. And end the day with her favorite annies mac and cheese with peas and of course a cupcake!

I think it sounds like a fun day. Think we will do 2 of the outings above depending on weather, nap schedule. At the very least we will play outside!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Moo Cow

Officially, starting today, I am starting to wean form pumping at work.

I think I am going to drop the afternoon pumping session all week. So only pump in the morning! As Evelyn starts to understand mornings she needs to nurse off both sides, I will drop the morning pumping session. So hopefully next week I will be done pumping at work.

It is sad since it means she is no longer a baby. But at the same time, she isn't having as much mommy milk at day care as she used to. Went down from 3 bottles to 2 bottles. And not as much milk as she used to. Starting to want more and more real food and this girl is a fan of water in her sippys. And over the weekend she would only nurse 3-4 times a day. So yep she is starting the weaning process.

I am happy to not have to watch the afternoon clock. I never got much in the afternoon anyways (2-3 oz). I think my body will quickly adjust to the no afternoon pumping.

It is a sad day. Even though pumping is annoying, I did enjoy doing it for evie. The competitiveness in me was like hell yeah when I had a good pumping session. But it will be nice to not have to worry about what I pump and to not have to watch the clock and think "oh not enough time to get into this" at work. This also means I will be able to replace a pumping session with a work out session!

Furniture Hunt

Mobile baby really makes you reconsider what kind of furniture you have.

This weekend she has bonked her head on our coffee table multiple times. From underneath, from on top, on the side, and every other which angle.

I do like our coffee table. It is something my father in law made that we inherited. Good shape, good construction, like the simplicity. I would maybe change the stain, add a shelf under, but not much else.

But I am done of Evie bonking her head on it. I don't want to add padding to the edges since I would not really use it and would cause me to spill so much stuff on it.

So I am on the hunt for an ottoman. And for the space an ottoman would work so much better. We would need to get a bigger side table between the couch and chair. Move the plant that is on  the current table. Get a stained laquered board to put on top of the bunny crate to use as a table when needed. But it would fit the space better and would require me to put my laptop away when not in use, which would make our evenings more social and me not have my head burred in my laptop browsing facebook, pinterest, and online boards.

I want something that has quality but don't want to spend too much money. So I am looking at consignment shops. Went to one yesterday, they didn't have much. But I think I may have fallen in love with a corner storage thing they had but didn't have a price. And I found a teal refurbished desk for the office that also didn't have a price. I may stop in today and see if I can get a price for them.

The corner thing would be in our living room and hopefully replace the bookcase that is overflowing with CDs/DVDs/BlueRays/VideoGames. Some may have to go into storage in the basement (what do you all do for storage of media?). What I liked about this piece was that it was simple lines, had bottom doors, stained dark brown, which our furniture in that room is. And hopefully the price is right!

The desk was cute. Could tell it was recently painted. Had small drawers great for hiding stuff that clutters. Small so it would fit into the room. Loved the color (so me!).

Tomorrow I am stopping at another consignment store. Maybe they will have something.

If it all fails, I may order something cheap from target. Was thinking 2-3 of the small pleather storage ottomans so we could move them around as we need them. But of course our local one doesn't have them in stock (and they do have 2 but are dinged so no thank you).

But it is funny, after being in this house for 4 years, we are finally figuring out the orientation of the living room and are ALMOST done with it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Weekend

Yep I would say it has been a good weekend.
Ran lots of errands for Evie's birthday party next weekend.  Ordered her cake. Got decorations.
Took the dogs to the groomer. They are clean, smell good, and have short nails! Got them furminated, so wonder if it will help with the shedding. They also have clean dog beds! So double clean!!! They even got pretty butterfly bandanas at the groomer! Cutties.
Evie learned how to climb up stairs. Learned how to pull up. Learned how to cruise. Such a mover!

A great weekend!

And to leave you all with a cute video of her!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What a day!

My baby girl is now flying up stairs! Last night she started to do one step, then another, then another. This morning she loved it! Laughs while going up and while I carry her down. She loooves it.

Also one other big thing for the day. She is pulling completely up onto things! So confident. She is almost able to cruise. Wow

Such a big girl!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1 more week

One more week that I have a baby. I am reminiciting over the past few years.
One year ago today was my due date. It came and went and nothing happened.

I am so happy I kept this blog over my pregnancy. Gives me something to look back on and remember.

I just cannot believe 1 more week till Evelyn is 1 year old. Where did the past year go? I have no idea.

Memories of her first being born. Memories of her first nights at home. Memories of this tiny little baby. Memories of her cuddles. memories of her learning to hold her head up. Memories of her smiling and cooing at me. Memories of her just wanting mama. Memories of her nussling into my chest. Memories of her first foods. Memories of her learning to sit. Memories of her first time reaching towards me to pick her up. Memories of her saying mamamama and looking straight at me! Memories of her sitting herself up. Memories of her first crawling. Memories of her first pulling up.

It has been a fantastic year. I just cannot believe I will have a 1 year old soon...tears me up

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Since Evie got her top teeth this weekend, she has been more interested in biting. oh joy.

This morning she bit me while nursing. Not down that hard. Did not hurt *that* much.  But I pulled my nipple out right away. It got caught on the top teeth and some of the skin got pulled away and I started to bleed. What every nursing mother looks forward to.

She bit me twice this morning. Once while I went to yell at the dogs since they were getting into something. Then once when we resumed a few minutes later.

I know it has to do with her getting startled, bored, or full. At least that is what kellymom is telling me.I did do what I have heard about is say no biting and put her down. She did throw a little temper tantrum. So today, sporting a bandaid on my nipple. This will make pumping interesting.

Talking to daycare at drop off, she is trying to bite other kids at day care. Wonderful. They are picking her up, removing her from the situation, and putting her in her crib with no pacifier. I am fine with this. It is similar to what I would do at home, put her down and ignore her while she is throwing a temper tantrum. I do not want to be a mom who gives into a temper tantrum. And as I was leaving day care, I remembered the temper tantrums I used to throw. I was good at them. I would cry so hard I threw up. so I guess I know where she gets her temper from. Sorry Evie.

And for anyone interested here is a wonderful kellymom article about biting while nursing.