Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where is the Snow???

OK I have full right to deny I ever wrote this. Especially come late January/early February.

I am one who isn't a fan of winter. I don't like the cold. I get sick of snow. I miss the sun in the evenings. I am a summer girl. I love having the windows open. Not wearing shoes. Wearing skirts. Living in sandles outside the house.Doing things outside. Going on long walks. Winter time in New England is not fun. Cold, dark, roads a disaster. Just not fun. Now I would possibly like winter more if I got back into skiing, but that is a whole 'nother post - too expensive and I don't like New England Skiing, I have been spoiled by west coast skiing.

But this time of year, I love snow. It is so magical. So pretty. Especially when it isn't that cold yet. Snow this time of year is just fun!

Usually we have had our first snow fall of the season by now. But none yet. And yes I want some. Can you believe I am saying that? It just doesn't seem like christmas time without it! I love the look of the Christmas lights outside glowing under the snow. Looking out at the falling snow with a warm mug of mulled apple cider

I so badly want to take Evie out in the snow! Need to get her something to wear in it. We have a fleece bunting my mom got her, but I feel like I need something waterproof to put her in while playing in the snow. I know she is probably too young and wouldn't do anything.

I cannot wait till she is old enough to make a snowman with me. To make snow angles. To go sledding! I would love to take her skiing. Playing with the dogs in the snow! Oh she will have fun!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...a few days late!

We did have a great Thanksgiving! And Evie had a great time!

This year I didn't make as much as I have other years. Made an apple pie (from apples we picked about a month ago, kept in fridge so they were still good), made a pumpkin pie, and made mashed potatoes.

Ok, I have to share a funny picture... When making the apple pie, I just put some slits in it like I usually do. I think when inserting a knife into it to check done-ness, I may have streatched the slits. This resulted in a very angry pie....

I don't have any pictures of the pumpkin pie. But it was mighty tasty.

We went to Nick's uncle's home for Thanksgiving. Was great to see everyone (even though I saw them all less than a week ago for Evie's baptism - post to come with pictures, just need to write it up and retake a few of Evie dressed up - didn't have time on the day). Had fun.

I never understood early Thanksgiving meals. Growing up we ate early, around 4 or 5. Mostly because we are not early eaters and never have big lunches or breakfasts so just didn't make sense. And I don't think we wanted to stress getting up uber early to have things ready early.

But this year I finally understood it! It was awesome to be home at 5:30 and have Evie in bed by her bedtime. Didn't screw with our schedule much. And yes that is worth it!

And another But, and a big one. I need to learn to eat when a holiday meal is early. I don't eat breakfast for a holiday since I usually don't have time since I am busy getting things together. And with a baby, even less time. And I don't like the usual breakfast foods - I hate eggs and don't do meat in the mornings. And right now I am trying not to have much dairy for Evie's sake. So not many breakfast foods to enjoy. Whatever. And I didn't eat lunch, because we ddin't have much, because I didn't want to clean anything up, and because I wanted to be able to eat something since if I had lunch I wouldn't eat anything at the linner. And that put me in a cranky mood and started to have a headache. So lesson learned and will try to eat earlier next year....

So some pictures of Thanksgiving!

Evie with her Papou! They were having fun playing together!

Evie and her YiaYia

All of Nick's cousins, spouses, and our daughter!

Picture of us! We wern't looking at the camera for this one, but it is the better of the 2 that were taken.

Some of Nick's cousins and Evie! Andy is on the left is Evie's godfather!

And my little miss and in her sweater dress!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Evie and I were home early today since Katie is here for her baptism on Sunday!

She was laying on her back in her baby gym/playmat. And she got onto her left side. She looked stuck since her arm was holding her up. She flipped back to her back. Then back to her side. We put a toy in front of her. She grabbed it and rolled onto her tummy!!!!!!!!!!! She then slowly moved her arm out and was laying there looking around!

Could not believe it! AND I SAW IT! And it didn't happen at day care!!!

Such a happy day!!!

House Falling apart

I am so depressed. Everything seems to be breaking!

Last night I ran the dishwasher. Checked this morning. Not all the soap was washed off. So now the thing needs 2 washes to get everything clean. Wonderful.

The utensil drawer broke. We thought the cabinets were decent quality. But I doubt it. This is the second drawer that has broken. I may put a lot of things in it, but it should handle it! Our cabinets are bothering me too because the 'finish' is rubbing off and you can see the wood underneath.

The bathroom fan stopped working so we can't vent.

Hopefully that is the three and nothing else breaks. I wanted to spend my Christmas bonus on a nice DSLR camera, but now it is looking like a dishwasher. So not fun!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Got this in the mail on Friday. Could not wait to use it!

Just used it and LOVE! The Pump Ease hands free bra is fantastic. So soft and stretchy at the same time! I found out about it at The Leaky Boob. I have the red retro one.

I just pumped 15 ounces! Yes I do pump a lot more on Mondays than other days of the week. But it was so nice to sit there relaxed, with my hands to be able to massage while pumping! I may have to get another one as backup.

Was so nice not to have to hold the shields in place. And I didn't leak like I sometimes do when I don't quite have it on right.


Flu Shot

Last Tuesday I had the flu shot at my Doctor's office. I was going to get it at work but they denied me since I am nursing (really confused about that). But I am so happy I got it at my doctors office! They did such a better job than the traveling nurses! It never hurt! And I didn't need a bandaid - she just waited for it to clot and let me go!

Yep happy that my annual exam is scheduled for October next year - going to get it at the doctors office again!

Evie's new thing...

Last night she was chewing on her hand/fingers. She was chewing on one and was sticking it far into her mouth that she found her gag reflex... She did it twice. Of all things to discover...gag reflex.

At least she didn't throw up.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2 - Meaning of Blog Name

When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was called Morgan the Magnificent by Ian Wallace.

It was about a girl who would pretend to be in circus preforming stunts (wanting to be a tight rope walker). She had so fun sneaking out of the house.

When trying to figure out a name, I remembered this book. And how I used to love reading it over and over. So my blog name is somewhat similar to the book. Not as interesting as the girl in the book, but reminds me of many childhood memories!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OMG!!! Pants!

I am currently wearing size 10 pants! After pregnancy I had to get some size 12 since I wasn't quite fitting into my pre pregnancy pants! Just now I tried some on just for shits and giggles. AND THEY SLID ON SO EASILY! So freaking happy! Made my day!

**Happy Dance**

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 1 - fun facts

First - Introduction:
Hi! I am Morrigan. I have been married since June 28, 2008. My husband and I just had our first child on August 11, 2010! We didn't find out the gender and it was a wonderful surprise come delivery day! She is a wonderful baby girl! Well you probably know this if you have read this blog in the past 3 months....

Recent Picture:
From Halloween! OK there is a more recent 2 posts down, but I like this one!

15 Fun Facts, These are going to be completely random:
1 - I am missing a ligament on my right thumb. I can only bend it at the joint connecting the thumb to my hand. This makes me grasp things oddly. I hold pens strangely and cut even stranger.
2 - I love Peanut Butter! I grew up eating PB&J every day. And now I have it most days at work for lunch.
3 - I am such an animal person. I have 2 dogs. If we had a larger house and a fence, I would have more.
4 - I train my dogs in dog agility and compete with one of them. Such a blast!
5 - I hate video games. I don't see a point in them. Whenever Nick plays they put me to sleep within the first 10 minutes.
6 - I have lived in the following states in this order: California, Ohio, California, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, New Hampshire.
7 - I have a male rabbit named Lilly. He is the Monty Python rabbit and has drawn blood on several occasions.
8 - I love my red hair and green eyes. They make me me. I love having 2 things that are uncommon.
9 - I love Halloween. Each year I buy more and more decorations. Want to throw a halloween party one year...
10 - If I could choose another job, I would either be a dog trainer or a baker.
11 - I have become addicted to cloth diapering! So love it!
12 - I am a coward. I have a hard time standing up for myself or speaking my mind. I can type a vent well on message boards or on here but I could never say that to the persons face. I want everyone to like me.
13 - I don't have many friends. Never had. A handful of good friend is better than a lot of somewhat friends. I just wish that we lived closer together.
14 - I have no friends to really hang out with where I live. That is why I joined a working moms group. I feel welcome there and get along with them very well. I so hope I get friendships out of it.
15 - I have a temper. It is the Irish in me. I try to control it and think I have progressed a lot. Have learned to speak my thoughts before I get upset.

Starting 30 day/entry blog challenge

A lot of people are doing this blog challenge. Simply Tiffany, Bottled Up, and Life in the Junction.

But I am going to call it a 30 entry blog challenge. No way I will remember to post daily..... Trying to join in the fun!

Day 1 - Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Day 2 - Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3 - Your first love
Day 4 - Your parents
Day 5 - Your siblings
Day 6 - A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7 - Favorite movies
Day 8 - A place you've traveled to
Day 9 - A picture of your friends
Day 10 - Something you're afraid of
Day 11 - Favorite tv shows
Day 12 - What you believe
Day 13 - Goals
Day 14 - A picture you love
Day 15 - Bible verse
Day 16 - Dream house
Day 17 - Something you're looking forward to
Day 18 - Something you regret
Day 19 - Something you miss
Day 20 - Nicknames
Day 21 - Picture of yourself
Day 22 - Favorite city
Day 23 - Favorite vacation
Day 24 - Something you've learned
Day 25 - Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26 - Picture of your family
Day 27 - Pets
Day 28 - Something that stresses you out
Day 29 - 3 Wishes
Day 30 - a picture

Happy 3 Months Evie!

3 months already? How can that be? Time is just flying fast, especially now that I am working and you are going to day care....

I really miss my maternity leave with you. It was so much fun just to hang around each other, play, and soak everything in. But, life goes on.

Evie, this has been a great month for you! You are really growing in front of my eyes! Each day I can see your brain working and you discovering new things!

Each and every morning you greet me with the biggest smile. It just makes my day. You are the happiest baby in the mornings! Sometimes you wake up in your crib (yes you are now sleeping in your own room!) make a little noise, but just hang out there while Mommy takes care of the animals and gets her stuff together. A few days ago, Tueday November 16th, you made Mommy's morning much more special. You Giggled while you were on your changing table for your morning diaper and clothing change! It was such a cute laugh! You love to smile at Mommy making funny noises at you!

You are getting so good at holding your head up! Rarely ever bobble anymore!

And your grasp is getting so good. Saturday you really started to grasp at stuff - you held onto a toy in your baby gym, you were playing with a toy (kept hitting it). And you really started holding onto your rattle!

Yesterday for your 3 month birthday Dad stayed home with you. Well day care was closed due to Veterans Day. But you two had so much fun! Dad told me how you guys did lots of tummy time and you were pulling your knees under you! Why do I have a feeling that you will be an early mover? But no interest in rolling yet, so maybe not???

Also we have gotten this whole nursing in public thing down! With the help of my nursing cover, I feel comfortable nursing anywhere! We have now nursed in a restaurant, church, basement of church. Yep getting good! I so love nursing you, the bond, the nutrients, the not having to wash bottles... And I know you love it too. As I lift up my shirt and undo my bra, you turn to me and open your mouth wide just waiting. Puts a smile on my face every time.

And we are so loving cloth diapering you. Your dad even likes it. Just wish day care would use cloth on you, but c'est la vie. You are only going through about 2 packages of disposables a month, not bad... Also mom may have a small addiction to buying cloth diapers. We have enough now, but I just cannot resist some cute prints and sales. I have held back, but I think I will HAVE to get some cute ones for pictures!

Last weekend we had family pictures. I still need to go through them and order them. Just time... And then I need to order our Christmas cards! Can you believe it that we will have a Christmas tree up in 14 days!

OK Picture Time! (warning, some of these are print screens so the quality may not be there)

Family Picture. I think this is the Christmas Card Picture. Gotta have the Dogs in it. They are your big sisters!
More Family Picture Funness

Mommy and Evie

And the cute baby!

I took these this morning. I put you down on the couch while I was putting on my Ergo to get things ready and you were sitting there so cute, I had to snap a few.

Big Smile

Whatcha Doin?

We are so excited, this time next week your aunt (and soon to be god mother) will be here! And Next Friday evening Poppy and Mimi (or J and Melinda, I don't think they are set on their grandparent names yet...) will be here!!!! All for your baptism! You will look so pretty and we will have so much fun. Now to decide to get you dunked or to just sprinkle water on your forehead!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dogs and Chickens

I posted something about this on facebook a few weekends ago but never put it on here.

On halloween morning the dogs were going crazy because something was outside. Looked out the window, and there were TWO CHICKENS just wondering around, tormenting the dogs. They were only in our backyard for maybe 30 minutes in the morning. But that afternoon they were back!

We went out to the deck (have a gate so they can't go anywhere) and they were going NUTS! As you would expect a dog to behave with chickens invading their backyard....

I think Cleo sent the chickens to Penny and Luna. There were two chickens, one for each dog...

When I was in elementary school, living in the middle of California, we lived in a small town. We let Cleo (our family dalmatian) wonder the neighborhood sometimes with her buddy, Wallen, a springer spaniel. Katie and I were at school. I think I was in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade. Anyways, my mom was still at home getting ready. And Cleo was outside. She was out in the yard and Cleo came running with a chicken in her mouth! Feathers got all over the front yard from what I heard. Someone helped her get the chicken out of Cleo's mouth. I believe the chicken lived. But one hell of a prize for a dog.

The chicken came from one of our neighbors who had a chicken coop that was not very secure. Yes we should not have let her wonder the neighborhood, but we did and she rarely got in trouble (that is a whole 'nother post). But Cleo had such a happy and long life - 17 years!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Middle of the night feedings

Middle of the night feedings can happen at all different times of night. (this more so matters on work days). Usually Evie just gets up for one of these feedings.

2-2:30 - not bad. Early enough that I can quickly get back to sleep and get into a good sleep before waking up at 6.
3-3:30 - ehh. Can suck when working the next day. But still can get in an extra 2 hours depending..
4-4:30 - SUCKS! Just in time to lay down, barely fall asleep before my alarm goes off. Then I am dragging myself.
5:00 - alarm - might as well get up and start the day early.

Had the 4:30 last night. Debated about just starting the day early. But went back to bed and laid down for 1.5ish hours. Was relaxing.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Change

I love the fall time change. Love gaining that extra hour. But I don't see a reason for it. Yes it is for the farmers. But do they still need it? Does that hour really make a difference?

I believe it is just to complicate and confuse! Especially if I don't remember if Nick updated the clocks, and if some are updated and not all, I just get confused. At least my cell and the comcast box updates itself! And we don't have many clocks in the house - I cannot stand the ticking sound of a clock.

I was a little worried about how the time change would affect Evie. I was wondering how early I would be getting up and how long it would take for her to change her schedule. I have to say we did good.

Evie goes to bed around 8-9:30 depending on the night. We shoot for 9, but sometimes she is too tired or is wide awake/cranky/hungry.

Saturday she slept in until 8am! But more importantly I slept in! I could not believe it when I woke up. I was one happy girl that morning!

Saturday night she went to sleep early, around 8pm. The night of the time change, of course my baby girl wants to go to bed early. I kept thinking great - I'll be up soooo freaking early. But NOPE! She was liking her sleep. She woke up at 4am for a feeding. Then slept until 8:30am!!!! I got up before her, took dogs out, fed animals, made coffee. Then she started to stir. Wow. Just wow!

And this morning, she started to wake up at 6am. boo. But I was able to give her a pacifier and reposition her (she smushed herself at the bottom of her crib and couldn't stretch her legs). I was able to shower, take care of animals, get dressed, and then wake her up. I feel like she wanted to sleep more.

I think the dreary rainy mornings have helped her sleep longer. We need to get some curtains/blinds for her window...

Evie is starting to reach and grasp things!

Yesterday was a fantastic day! While she was playing in her baby gym, she grabbed onto and would not let go of one of the bird toys! Later in the day I switched out some of them and she was fascinated by one of the new ones and kept playing with it - hitting it and staring.

That evening, Nick was showing her the flowers he got for me (aww). And she grabbed a flower. And about an hour before bed time he was playing with her new rattle - she grabbed onto it!

It is just amazing how new developments just amaze parents. Love it! Love how she is learning.

We made up a game on Sunday morning. I was slouching on the couch and she was on my tummy. She, with the help of gravity and my body, was able to roll and me catch her on my side. But when she is down no interest. No worries here. And I am happy that she is not mobile as long as possible!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baptism Class

Ugh this whole baptism thing has been difficult!

The classes we are taking are not that bad. And are a nice review. Me going to Catholic school for 9 years, followed by public school but I was very active in my church youth group and went to church weekend retreats. So I am fairly knowledgeable. But Nick is learning things.

Yesterdays was about sin. About commandments and beatitudes (love the beatitudes). Actually they were able to convince me to go to confession (it has been around 10 years) before Evie is baptized. So they did their job!

But talking to my sister on the phone afterwards, depending on what parish, and what priest you are with you get a whole different feeling about religion. These people that are by the book, oh so holy just annoy me.

I remember Fr. Joe (the best priest I have ever known) was a little more laid back. yes he was by the book, but talked about things more rather than reading from the bible. He put things into perspective. Made things fun.

When I was in catholic school, they did this too. We would read from the bible sometimes, but in general it was teaching general topics about religion. I guess this is hard to put into words but Katie and I understood what we were talking about. It may be Pope Benedict that has changed things (vs Pope John Paul 2). Or it is just different parishes.

And they said something that totally irked me, and these parts of the bible I soooo don't go with. The whole that Adam (man) was put in charge over Eve (woman). Yeah no. Nick looked at me and I gave him evil eye.

And last week they said that animals don't go to heaven. That is a total lie. They have souls and so go to heave. Especially my dogs. Already we tell Penny and Luna that they will have to behave themselves when they meet Cleo one day (since she didn't like female dogs). The rainbow bridge on the way to heaven, all my animals will greet me and we will walk in together. And every time I mention the rainbow bridge I start to tear up. Miss you Cleo!

Katie (Evie's godmother) is having issues too being the god mother. Technically she doesn't go to church. She is too busy. And the catholic church in my family's opinion has been having issues. She is in grad school. Has to work to support herself. And is teaching softball. She is one busy woman! And is usually teaching when there is mass. And they are all like well you can't be one since you don't go to church. She is a good spiritual person, and will be a great spiritual leader. You can be a spiritual leader without going to church. Especially since people may physically be in church but mentally they aren't there. GAH! But she got the form signed and that is what matters!

I have to say, I am enjoying going to church again. I do like to read along with the readings. It is just calming. Now I need to try to get Nick up earlier so we can go to an earlier one. 11:30 is so in the middle of the day.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

3 month growth spurt???

I think the 3 month growth spurt may be starting.....

The past few days at day care she has been eating 2-5 more ounces than usual. (from 10 ounces at day care to 12-15 ounces).

Last night, she went down at 8:30 (did her usual evening cluster feedings). Woke up at 2:30, 4:30 and 5:30 and ate each time! Was fun!

Will be interested in what she eats today at day care!

(small vent - someone at day care, who is old school, suggested rice cereal in the evening - NOPE! She is a breast fed baby and the only bottles she gets is from you! And I am not starting any solids till 5-6 months - waiting for her interest in food and not rushing anything since all she needs is breastmilk)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Political - Election Results vent and putting my ideas out there

Yeah this is going to be one sided. I am a democrat. A very proud democrat. I am not a fan of the republican party for many reasons. I do research and choose the candidate I like, but they are usually democrat.

Sorry for those of you who don't agree with me. My blog so haha! I can't talk politics to many people since now I live in a Red state. I don't want to get into arguments, or get all pissed off. So skip this if you don't want to listen to a democrat who none of the people she voted for got elected.

I am just annoyed that people of this country did not understand how far of a hole we were in and it is going to take TIME a whole lot of precious time...its gonna take patience and time...to do it right! (ok love that song, George Harrison Got My Mind Set On You) and hey it fit with my thought!).

The Bush Administration dug us deep. He left as things were getting bad. People think Obama put us here, but he did not! He is trying to get us out of this pit of despair. It takes more than 2 years to recover an economy like ours. We are seeing improvements. It is just SLOOOWWWW.

And I just don't get republicans sometimes. They rarely cut anything but want to cut taxes. The money wants to come from somewhere. I live in a state with no income tax and no sales tax. So gas is taxed, we have a slightly higher property tax, registering cars is expensive, high meals and room tax. People don't understand money has to come from somewhere. Those who get upset of when someone says they want to increase taxes, WE DON'T GET TAXED BADLY! Don't complain!

I need to move back to CA, well for many reasons. But would be nice to live among those who have the same political views as me. Nick is really independent. He sees both sides and is somewhere in the middle. One of the reasons we can talk politics. But besides him, yeah its phone calls to my parents!

The main issues that turn me off of a political candidate:
  • Abortion - it is a woman's choice. Can we just leave it at that? No republicans have to bring religion into it with a soul starts at conception. You can be pro choice but believe in the life choice (which I do). Why do people have to be so anti choice.
  • Gay Marriage - Yeah another religion one. Let them have all rights anyone who is married have. Who cares about the sex of the couple! Let them live their life. If you are really worried about the whole word marriage - then say marriage is something that happens in a church and a civil union is what happens by a justice of the piece. But who cares, it is just a label. Let people be happy!
  • Medical "Obama care" as people all it - It is a step in the right direction! There are a LOT of good things in it! It isn't perfect. But it is better than what we had! Give it time, give it revisions! It is version 1 in beta, things will change and it will get better!
And after talking to some of the chat boards I belong to, there are some others that are more localized to states/counties/towns.

I am so happy how far legalizing of marijuana came in CA. It will be up again in 2 years! So much money is wasted on going after pot. Where it should be spent on the hard drugs that really play havoc on our country. It should be considered similar to Alcohol. it is healthier than tobacco. And it would bring in a small revenue. This you could tax hard! Sin taxes people! Just for the record, even if it was legal I would not use it.

Dry counties and towns. Just do not get it. People will drive to get alcohol. It is just stupid. Me living across the country, I found it stupid where certain places you could not buy alcohol before a time on Sunday or not on Sunday at all. OK people will plan accordingly. And Religion influencing government much??? I just don't get these stupid laws. Especially those where you can buy wine here, beer here, and have to go get liquor here. Why can't you get all in one place?

I guess I am all big government. I find it so confusing, especially living in new england where the states are so small and in a few hours you can drive through oh so many. It is hard to keep what laws are valid in what states. Especially driving ones. I really feel these should be nation wide laws (texting, cell phone, seat belts, etc). I go by all of them for safety (well except for talking on cell, yeah I am bad and do it a lot). But I just find it stupid. Make it all the same.

OK that is my small rant. I am stopping now because I could probably go on and on and on.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

I ran out of steam last night and just could not do a blog update. So...


We had a great Halloween here! We started the day at church (Evie wasn't her sleepy self, got hungry mid mass, and was wide awake the whole mass singing and talking. Everyone around us was staring at her - much more entertaining!). She was wearing her cute pumpkin mouse onsie.

Came home and I had to do this small photo shoot of her! The pumpkin was a lot larger than we needed.

We dressed Evie up in her halloween costume! The cutest Lady Bug there is!

We visited Grandparents and Great Grandparents. This really tired her out. The plan was to come home and do a little bit of trick or treating with our neighbors but she was toooooooo exausted. She slept in the Ergo while i gave out candy. At least she was still wearing her costume and a cute jack-o-lantern hat!

But we did carve pumpkins!!!!!!

Nick's metroid Pumpkin - this took him around an hour to carve... It does look good!

I didn't have much time so I just did a face. Hadn't done one in a while of just a face and I like it!

And the big pumpkin that Evie posed in, had to engrave her name into it!
I was going to add 2010 under but yeah that wasn't going to happen.

Next year we will go trick or treating on our street. I hope to sew Evie's costume that year too. And Nick and I will dress up next year while taking Evie trick or treating and handing out candy! I love halloween but this year I did not have the energy to decorate like I usually do. Next year though --- I will have fun!