Thursday, April 29, 2010

Penny's vet appointment

So Penny had her annual vet appointment today. It went sooooooooooooooooo much better than last year! This time we had a female vet that Luna has been to. Penny has lost 5 pounds since last years annual exam. I still want her to loose 2 more pounds - to help counteract her food stealing.

Poor Penny still had a hard time at the vet. She got so scared and started shaking when she got her temperature taken (I can't blame her....I wouldn't want that stuck up my butt either). Poor girl - felt so bad - and her eyes looking at me saying "What are you doing to me, why arn't you stopping them"... She had her blood taken, which she was better, but still shaking. Then she got a break and they brought in the shots. The first one went ok - she felt it going in. Then after that they started petting her in multiple areas while she got the shot and she did much better. Afterwards she got lots of treats.

When we got home - it was too nice out and I wanted to get some pictures of her next to the blooming bleeding hearts. Tried to get some pictures of Luna, but she was too exited and wanted to sniff everything to get a picture. I have a lot of the top of her head and her bum/tail.

Then we went inside and I rewarded her with a bully stick, which she really enjoyed!

Aww Penny..such a cutie!!

Penny sniffing the flowers. So happy I caught this one on film...ok not film since it is a digital camera - so happy I got this picture

Quickly got this one with her ears blowing in the wind!

And the one good picture I did get of Luna. Love her cute smile!

26 weeks!

How Far Along: 26 weeks
How Big is Baby: 9 - 9.25 inches long and around 2 pounds
What is Baby up to: Baby is soaking up your antibodies, getting its immune system ready for life outside thw omb. Eye are forming, and it will soon be practicing the blink!
Total Weight Gain: +5
Best Moment this Week: Random people mentioning pregnant things to me - happy I really look pregnant
Movement: When I am waking up in the morning while in bed. Afternoon and evening
Belly Button: Inny.
What I Miss: Nothing really right now
What I am Looking Forward To: Finishing the master closet and starting to paint the nursery! Registering!

What else went on today - I had the glucoa test. Got to drink this tasty beverage. I had to drink it at home and make my way to the lab for blood to be drawn one hour after I finished it. It was not bad at all. Tasted like un-carbonated orange soda, with an odd after taste. Just a few big sips and I was able to finish it. The baby was all sorts of active after the drink! No surprise there! I will hopefully know the result soon! At least by next week's doctor appointment on Tuesday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update

So in general this weekend was pretty good.

Started Saturday off with some errands! Went home and started putting more clothing into the closet. I think i have it figured out how I want it. Now to find time during the week day to get it done. I have many storage bins now for clothing that is out of season (really no reason to have these clothes out) and clothes that do not fit. I am keeping my non maternity clothing out since I will hopefully be able to wear it at the end of August or early September! So I have 3 66 gallon bins full of fall/winter clothing. 2 bins full of Nick's clothes that almost fit. And one garbage bag to donate. (I really need to go through our now 5 bags of donate clothing and organize it so that we can deduct it this year...).

Saturday we also went to Jon's (one of Nick's childhood friends (at least I think childhood, if not HS)) birthday party. I do not really mind being the only sober one. It was fun seeing people and just chatting.

Sunday I slept in - oh it was so awesome! The dogs didn't even wake me up! Made Angel Biscuits (buttermilk biscuits) but forgot they have to refrigerate for an hour so ended up not eating them. Made them this morning and I think I forgot the salt, oh well. We met with Shane (another one of Nicks friends that is one of mine now too :) ) for lunch. We tried out this new Chinese restaurant. Wasn't totally feeling chinese but I know they were and I wasn't really in the mood for anything so I was in a whatever mood. The food was horrible. I got a wonton soup - no flavor what so ever. I got general gau's chicken, and this was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. I had a few pieces. happy I got white rice instead of stir fry rice. I mostly ate the rice and was happy. UGH. Never ever ever going there again. Now we all want North Garden to make up for this crappy chinese food. Afterwards we went to dairy queen and got blizzards! Was a great way to get that taste out of our mouths! Then we went to Lowes and got more pieces for the closet (one more drawyer and two medium bins). We are planning on doing the other wall this weekend and then hopefully be done.

So happy that all our clothing is out of the nursery. My shoes are still in there as well as some wicker furniture. I'll be moving things down to the basement tonight I think. Hopefully will start painting the nursery in 2 weeks! Now to choose color and do I want a chair rail in there? Wainscoting?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alpha Phi Alum Weekend

Realized I never updated about alumni weekend! It was a blast. So happy that I went! Had fun hanging out with everyone and seeing everyone I havn't seen in years!

It was the Alpha Phi - Theta Tau Chapter 15 year anniversary!

The gala was enjoyable! Food was good (buffet), my dress looked good. So sad I didn't pull out my camera and get pictures. Oh well. Had a lot of laughs...

Sunday morning, I met with my line for coffee. I have so many littles! Could not believe it! 7 littles now! Wow! Go line. Some of the other alum and I were talking that some of them need to get 2 littles so we can expand and take up more of the tree wall! mauhahaha. We hung out at the coffee shop for 2 hours!

Afterwards, we went to the house for brunch. Wow there was a lot of people. It was odd since we are in a different house now than we were in when I was in college. Very cool that they have a kitchen, and a chef!

After brunch people talked about our history. 15 years as alpha phi!!! What the women went through when forming
our chapter. Kudos to them.

Talking to Karen (someone in my line and also lives in NH) - we are going to have an alpha phi NH alumni chapter! I am excited to get involved in that! Cannot wait to hear about it!

Oh and they also had our pledge class quilts on the wall! Had to snap a picture for old times sake!

While I was at RPI, I had to take a trip to the bookstore! And got some of the cutest baby RPI clothing! So cute!!! I could have bought more stuff..but knew I had enough. EEK!!! Also picked up some window decals for the new car..whenever we get it.

25 weeks!!!

How Far Along: 25 weeks
How Big is Baby: 8.5 - 9 inches long. 1.5 - 2 pounds!
What is Baby up to: Baby sense of equilibrium is kicking in! Hopefully they are not as much as a klutz as me! Also starting to rotate out of breach position!
Total Weight Gain: Getting close to 5 pounds. Kinda freaked when I saw that. Eating healthier and making sure I go to the gym. Stuff I have been slacking with the past few weeks
Best Moment this Week: Sharing pregnancy with people at alum weekend!
Movement: Afternoons and evenings.
Belly Button: Inny.
What I Miss: A beer.
What I am Looking Forward To: Um..hmm..Registering!


Luna has completed 12 weeks of intro to agility. She goes on almost all the equipment (everything but the tippy plank - tiny teeter totter). She is a timid dog and gets skittish easily. So after 12 weeks, thought I would try her with Julie (the instructor I use for Penny). Brought her yesterday for a drop in.

The drop in with Luna went really well. Julie saw what I was talking about with her needing a leash and studder stepping for jumps. So she suggested that I remove the leash and the jumps are on the ground. I go over the jumps with her and feed her for each and every one. This seems to be working well. Since Luna loooves tunnels, she isn't getting paid for them anymore, we are mainly working on jumps. But what surprised everyone was that she ran up the A frame (full height!) and held her contact at the bottom!

Oh I was so surprised! So she had issues with the dog walk in her intro class. It was at a lower level, to make it easier for dogs. But yesterday, with it at a higher level, she was so much better with it and not as freaked out! I think that is because it was sturdier! Go Luna! Yes she needs a lot of work, but this was helping her a lot! Once she gets her confidence up and is not as skittish, she will be a great agility dog - she is so fast and is agile - she jumps on things outside and I am surprised how high she jumps!

I think I am going to keep luna in this class. Julie is good at breaking things down and teaching a timid dog. And the class is smaller, and we get 1/2 of the arena (vs 1/4 in the intro class) so we can practice on things more. Luna cannot handle a full hour of class - about 10 minutes towards the end, her brain is mush and she is done.

It is so nice to have both dogs on the same night! And handling 2 hours in a row was not bad for me. So much nicer than a Monday and Wednesday agility night!

Penny did great at agility class yesterday too! We were doing threddles. Oh they are so hard, especially when Penny had energy and wanted to do everything. Since we were working on harder stuff (at least for me) and steering, she was only jumping at 16 inches. We did some at 20 and she was great, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing things correctly. She got most of them. And I have to make sure I don't give into her wanting to do things her way. Yesterday Penny had speed and power! Was so happy about that!

I am excited! In July we are hopefully going to enter an AKC agility trial! And this one is where we train so hopefully she will do amazing! Entry date is May 19, and the trial is July 10 and 11. Have to see what day I will do. Will Nick want to have his birthday alone to play video games, or will he want me around? May just do the Sunday. But excited to do our first AKC trial! AKC has the most trials in the area!

Yesterday I was a little bummed. There is a USDAA trial in may, that I completely blanked on and didn't enter. Yesterday was the closing date. Oh well. There is another one in June that I will try to go to!

Cross your fingers that we make it into the trials! My doctor said that I can continue agility as long as I am comfortable! I know I will be fine! But at least the entry dates are after my next ultra sound to see where the placenta is. So I will know more then. Yes I will be running agility up into the baby is born. Then will take 2-4 months off, but I do plan on getting back into it. This is my thing and I so enjoy it! It will be funny (if Nick is there) to video me running Penny in a trial with a big 8month - 9month pregnant belly!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

One of my favorite scents in the house

So for my birthday last year (last October) - Nick gave me an awesome gift of a Meyer Lemon tree. Right now this tree is blooming...and one of the best smells in the house. I put my shoes on right next to it on the stairs just so I can get a few seconds wiff of the amazing scent! The tree isn't that big - but still produces the yummiest smell! We havn't had any lemons yet, but it is producing flowers, so hopefully eventually - as long as Luna's tail doesn't knock it off!

Inglourious Basterds review

Just watched Inglorious Bastards. Very entertaining! It is a Quintin Tarantino movie. Was surprised that some of the music was repeats from Kill Bill.

This movie is not historically accurate (tho I wish WW2 ended this way!). It is about this american group that is dressed as civilians in France. They go around and kill Nazis (and scalp them too), and have way too much fun doing this - is that possible? And this story also followed a German Jew Hunter. This character was very smart. You actually kinda liked the guy - he was cheery, likeable, and bright. He would piece everything together so easily. Takes a good director and movie to make you somewhat like an enemy character... Really liked the ending. I wish this really did happen in history. (ok spoiler ahead - skip to next paragraph if you don't want to read). The Jewish French Woman's plot - which I said she should do when they wanted to show a German film in her cinema - to burn down the cinema filled with Nazzis worked out really well. It was executed really well and the film she made to show at the end of the German film was perfect! This plot worked well with the Bastards plot to sneak in and set off bombs. They both happened at the end of the film. Made sure no one made it out alive. And the best part of this movie - is that Hitler and all the top Nazzis died! What a great way to end it - yes not historically accurate - but a good alternate ending!

I really enjoyed this movie. See it if you get a chance. Not too bloody - no where close to Pulp Fiction. Language wasn't bad. And Samuel L Jackson had a cameo! How can you have a Tarantino movie without Samuel L Jackson. Didn't see Tarantino cameo, but he may have been in the background - I know sometimes he likes to be in his movies.

I would probably watch this movie again - so see it if you get a chance!

24 weeks!

How Far Along: 24 weeks
How Big is Baby: 2ish pounds and 14 inches long
What is Baby up to: Ears developed! Fingernails formed (hope it isn't a biter like me or Nick)! Lungs are starting to work! Baby fat is turning skin pink!
Total Weight Gain: 2-3ish pounds. Same as last week.
Best Moment this Week: Love feeling kicks - AND NICK FINALLY FELT A KICK!
Movement: Afternoons and evenings.
Belly Button: Inny. Just stretching, but not coming close to the outside.
What I Miss: Right now...good cold medicine
What I am Looking Forward To: Going to Alpha Phi Alum weekend! And buying RPI baby clothing!

Friday, April 9, 2010


OK I like watching TV. Well the few TV shows I like. Lately a lot of them have been

But last night's Bones got me all excited (clapping on the couch!). Brennan and Booth kissed!!! They really would make a good couple. This episode was interesting. They went back a few years ago to their first case. It was interesting seeing thier first interactions with eachother. Also how much they flirted and were blunt about it and how they would go on a date if they were not colleagues.

At the end of the episode, Sweets (their psychologist) said that someone needs to take the first step. After the meeting, Booth kissed Brennan! And said how he wants to make it work, how much he loves her, etc! Yes I was squeeling and clapping on the couch. And then Brennan (being all logical of herself) said that she doesn't and doesn't want to ruin what they have. boo..... Oh that made me sad. Went from all excited to boo in a few seconds.

Oh well. was a good episode tho!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

23 weeks!

Been a good week! Had my monthly OB appointment on Tuesday. Went well. Just the typical stuff. Weight, BP, heart rate. Baby's heart rate was nice and strong. And kept moving around :) Talked to my doctor about flying. Since I have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check the placenta - she said the best time to fly would be between 28 weeks and 34 weeks (depending on the outcome of the ultrasound).

How Far Along: 23 weeks
How Big is Baby: 12.7 to 20.8 oz. 10.5 to 11.8 inches
What is Baby up to: Face is fully formed!
Total Weight Gain: 2-3ish pounds. I like to compare in the mornings, but havn't weight myself in a few days.
Sleep: Sleep has been going well :)
Best Moment this Week: Hearing the heartbeat! Also Nick waking up a little in the mornings as we are getting up and putting his hand on the belly!
Movement: Lately have been feeling kicks in the afternoon and evening!
Belly Button: Inny. Just stretching, but not coming close to the outside.
What I Miss: A beer on a sunny day
What I am Looking Forward To: Nick feeling kicks. But every time he puts his hand on my belly, the baby stops or kicks somewhere else... Kicks are very low in general.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So we hosted easter on Sunday. It was a fun and awesome day. Could not believe how good the weather turned out. But every year we do this, I am embarrassed by our back yard. So much needs to be done to make it pretty. And just don't have the time, money, energy for it right now. May just throw some seed down and see what grows (after filling the holes the dogs love to dig).

Anyways, we had 15 people over. It was a blast! This year I was no where close as stressed - did a lot better job planning and getting things done early! Made my life so much easier!

So we roast a lamb on a spit in our back yard...Yep. Nick's Greek family :). To tell you the truth it makes me sad. I don't eat lamb anymore. I don't want to eat baby animals. Also I find it to be really fatty. I used to eat it, but can't do it anymore. So I also made a ham.

The food turned out wonderful! Thank you everyone for bringing yummy food and desserts!

One thing I would love to do in the future - as long as it is a nice day - if we ever get our backyard pretty. Would be to have it outside under tents. Would be so much fun... maybe one day.

The guys love roasting the lamb. They hang out, drink beers, smoke cigars (well not all thank god). My cousin Molly is so cute during this. She is out hanging out with the guys and the lamb licking her lips! From what I heard she was grabbing the first pieces off when they were carving it up!

Wish we would have taken more pictures. I did a really cute job decorating the tables. Oh well. But the tables were adorable! Used white table cloths and napkins. Used my great grandmother's china (love it!). I had sparkley eggs scattered throughout the tables (got at Target, my favorite store), also scattered spring colored rolos and hershey kisses. Also used many voltive candle holders with real candles too. Had some cute spring flowers on each table! Love decorating! Oh also this year, I decided to split the tables into 2 rooms. I think this worked out much better. People wern't as squished and was a lot easier to move around. Hope everyone else liked this too.

Next year, I hope we have the downstairs finished painted. Not sure how we are goign to do the tables since baby stuff will be all over. Will see if we host, but it is a lot of fun.

Oh and next year Easter and Greek Easter are different years! So we will get to celebrate twice - one down in Manchester MA with Deedle, Chubba, Molly, and Riley - and one here with everyone! Eeekk!!!! We will have a little one that will hunt for eggs...maybe..haha! What will the baby be....8 months. Oh so exciting!

Oh yes, I wanted to finish this off with a picture of the lamb on the spit. Trying to get more pictures from other people!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

22 weeks!

How Far Along: 22 weeks, 5 months! Pretty much starting month 6! wow!
How Big is Baby: Near one pound, and almost a foot long!
What is Baby up to: Baby can now hear outside noise! (Need to start playing music for him/her!). Nipples are starting to sprout, and face is fully formed. Baby is starting to settle into sleep cycles (12-14 hrs a day)
Total Weight Gain: Same as last week, didn't weigh my self today.
Sleep: This week hasn't been so good. Keep waking up in the middle of the night and not falling asleep...
Best Moment this Week: Still love feeling kicks!
Movement: Daily. In the mornings I feel them on my side!
Belly Button: Inny. Just stretching, but not coming close to the outside.
What I Miss: Nothing right now...
What I am Looking Forward To: Nick feeling kicks

Current picture (hair is shorter!)!