Monday, March 29, 2010

Lilly's New Digs!

So this weekend Lilly got a new box play house and a new cage!!!

Nick has fun and does an awesome job making Lilly box play houses! This time he made one the Lilly has to burrow through to get to all the rooms!
Nick also has a fun time making a sign for the box. It gives the play house a lot of character!
If you can't see all the words it says "Keep Out!" "No Dogs Allowed" and "Casa Bunnita"!

We also decided to get rid of his old cage and turn a dog crate into his cage. It does a great job and he has so much more room. It is amazing how much more active he is. Forgive his mess..he likes things messy.

Another plus of this new cage, is that it has a litter box. So much easier to clean. And the dogs cannot get into it!

We are going to make a table to go on top of it and have legs. This will make it feel more like a den for him and will give us another table in the living room to decorate!

We havn't quite decided where to keep this crate. We want to work it near the TV so that he can be part of the family chilling.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

21 weeks

Technically, I turned 21 weeks on Wednensday. Nick takes my belly pictures on Thursdays, so I thought I would do a weekly pregnancy week...

So here is the pictures he on Friday (usually takes on Thursdays, but he was working till 11pm on Thrusday so we postponed it a day). Finally I am smiling in the pictures and look good!!

So I have stolen a few of these questions from other blogs...
How Far Along: 21 weeks
How Big is Baby: According to the The size of a banana. 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces.
Total Weight Gain: Hovering around 1 pound!
Sleep: Going well, waking up more in the middle of the night to get comfy. Soooo miss sleeping on my stomach.
Best Moment this Week: Laying in bed last weekend and feeling a kick with my hands..I think.
Movement: Feeling kicks daily. Nick hasn't yet. Usually they are very low.
Belly Button: Inny. Just stretching, but not coming close to the outside.
What I Miss: A beer or a cold beverage after along day
What I am Looking Forward To: Nick feeling kicks

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Luna Yearly Vet Appointment

Was so proud of her at the vet! She entered the building well. Handled the exam fantastically. Just laid down and enjoyed all the pats and treats! She was a little freaked out when they took her temperature - but who likes something stuck up their butt!

I could not believe how well she handled getting shots. She was more interested in the treat she was eating than getting a shot. Nothing like Penny (who had to be muzzled last time. and held down by 3 people!).

Luna is 33 pounds! Great shape! Nothing bad about her! And they noticed she is athletic - saying they knew that by her slower heart beat. The only thing I need to do is a better job brushing her teeth. They showed me a better way to do it (hold her mouth closed) to help prevent her from licking off the toothpaste and help me reach the back teeth.

So Luna got an A vet!!! Good Girl! I think she deserves a bully stick!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I heart Wednesdays

Wednesday is the best week day of the week!!! First of all, It is Penny's Agility Day! Second - It is pregnancy week change day (21 weeks!!!) ! Two good things for one day!

Penny was fantastic at agility tonight! We did really well with some complicated handling things. And Penny is getting fantastic at holding her contacts with the A frame and dog walk! Penny so loves Agility. She gets excited when I pull the agility bag out and start to fill up her treat bag! When we pull into American K9 country - she starts to whine! Today we didn't get out of the car right away and she was having a hissy fit. So cute about how excited she gets! Oh also, I need to do some research. Mass has some AKC agility events that accept mix breeds!!! Got her AKC number for trials. So cannot wait to do agility trials with her again. Just have to figure out how late I can continue to do agility - Dr said as long as I am comfy. So need to figure that out. But I want to do it as long as possible.. ugh don't know. Also wonder when I can get back into agility.

(Oh other note - my meyer lemon tree is blooming! took some pictures and will post soon!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Luna Agility Update

So Monday is agility class for Luna! We have done one intro to agility 6 week class and are repeating it again. She is a sensitive puppy, and has come a long way in the first six weeks.

Today was week 2 of the repeat class. She is doing great. I need to work on the finger touch with her so that I can keep her on me and her not wander as much as she wants to. Today, she did the dog walk pretty well, has been 2 weeks since she has done it. And she remembered! This dog also LOOOOVES tunnels! They make her so happy! She also loves the A-Frame!

Today we were also working on weave poles! She is getting it! At first she wouldn't go near them and wouldn't even go around them. And I slowly made them narrow, and she went through!!! Such a big step for Luna! We also worked on jumps. She has a tendency to hesitate before a jump, but she jumps so well.

It is so hard to train two dogs at the same time. For Penny who is more advanced, I get used to not speaking and knowing what she will do. For Luna I need to learn to talk more and take things more slowly with her. But I am doing good at throwing parties for Luna when she does well.

She does love agility! She gets a smile on her face during class. Such a good thing for her to build up her confidence and use her brain!

OK time to feed the dogs. Its 8pm and I bet they are starving, or at least Penny is...surprise there..haha.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ordered the crib!

Ok one more post!

So yesterday we ordered our crib! Click for link

We ordered this crib with a smaller dresser in white! It is whimsical, pretty, and gender neutral! We both agreed on it pretty easy! Will take about 10-12 weeks to get in. Which is perfect, since I don't want to be stressing that it won't come in and we need that time to clear out the room.

Here is the dresser we ordered in white. We are going to use it for a changing table too. The bottom legs come off so it will drop it down a few inches to make it easier to move a baby onto it!

We ordered the furniture from a local kids furniture store! Love supporting the local businesses vs big chains! We try to do this as often as possible. We are going to get as much as we can from this store!

We also got the crib matteress! It is a more eco friendly mattress than the others out there. The colgate classica mattress is rated really well and is nice and firm! Made with all renewable materials!

Baby update/progression

As stated below, I was going to dedicate a post to baby! We are not finding out the gender so it will be a surprise at delivery!

Here are some ultra sound pictures!

This is from the 10 week appointment (first OB appointment). She had a hard time finding the heart beat with the doppler so opted for a quick ultra sound! Love that the practice has the ultra sound machines there! The baby was healthy with a 175 heart beat! After this appointment I said it looked like a blob or gummy bear.

This is from 13 weeks. It was from the NT scan for down syndrome and other defects. Was about a 30 minute scan and was awesome just to lay there and watch the baby!

This is from the 18 week anatomy scan! Was awesome to see the progression every few weeks. Keeps looking more and more like a little human. Everything was good at this appointment. The placenta is low, so they have to watch it and will get another ultra sound at 28 weeks! Hey look at the positives! There is a 10% chance that it will stay low and I will have to have a c-section. The heart beat at this appointment was around 150.

Here are some pictures for my bump progression!
16 weeks
17 weeks:
18 weeks
19 weeks:
20 weeks

I see a difference! Do you?

Hello World

So I opted to make a blog! My thought is to write about everything, dogs, life, baby, cooking, agility, whatever. No real format so you will be surprised!

So who am I. I am a 27 year old woman. Married Nick on June 28, 2008. He is amazing and loves me so much. We have 2 dogs and a bunny

This is Penny and Luna. Penny is on the right and Luna is on the left. We adopted both dogs and found them on
We adopted Penny March 17 2007. She is from Tenessee. When we adopted her she was 1ish years old. This means that Penny is now almost 4.5 years old! She is a golden retriever australian shepherd mix. Such a perfect and athletic dog! We do dog agility every Wednesday and try to compete in trials (CPE, USDAA, and AKC) when they fit into our schedule.
We adopted Luna September 12, 2009. She is from Louisiana. It was a little bit of a drive to pick her up in Main, but totally worth it! She is a fantastic dog and such a cuddler. We believe that she was a stray and wants nothing more than to cuddle with us! They estimate her age to be 2 years old. I am starting dog agility with her, and she is learning really well. This is a fantastic thing for her since she is a skittish dog and is afraid of everything. Now she is doing most obstacles without hesitation! Such a big step for her! In the 6 months we have had her, she has done a 180. At first she wouldn't come in the house, now she has confidence!
Luna and Penny get along so well together! They are just like sisters and play all the time! These two mesh so well!

This is Lilly. He is a male Dutch rabbit. Nick gave him to me for my birthday (22nd) my senior year in college. We got him from a pet store. We were not smart enough to adopt at that point. Anyways, he is now 5.5 years old! He is neutered. Anyways, when we got him, they said he was a I named him Lilly. A few months later, he started humping this grey and white koalla that was about his size. And his manly bits dropped down. Yep, that was a surprise! He is a nice bunny, he has a temperament of a cat. He will let you pet him on his terms and will bite you when he is done. We have boxes all around the living room for him to play in. He loves his box house!

So what else to add. Oh yes! I am pregnant. Took a home pregnancy test on November 29, 2009 and it was positive! We both were very surprised about how quickly it happened... Anyways, the pregnancy is going amazing. Had a little morning sickness, but only nausea, and it went away early. I am due August 4, 2010! So I am 5 months in and only 4 left to go! Will make another post with some baby stuff...

Oh yeah, I wanted to post how I came up with the name for this blog. One of my favorite books growning up was called "Morgan the Magnificent". So thought it was fitting!