Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Girl Loves her Food!

Lately I have been getting into work before 7:30. This allows me to leave at 4 so I can pick up Evie, she can *help* make dinner (OK Watch). And we can all eat as a family together!

It is a lot of fun. She is eating what we are eating. She is staying up a little later since she is enjoying evenings more. And we are all eating healthier!

I am buying more organic, antibiotic free, nitrate free and hormone free products. Everything may not be hormone free or organic, but I am trying. It is expensive to eat all hormone free. I keep to the dirty dozen, plus a few extras since they grow in the ground. With all the kids with attention disorders and health issues, I want to keep as many chemicals, hormones, etc away from Evie, and us too!

Last night was particularly yummy.
We bbq chicken (marinated in a little bbq sauce and a little diet coke** over night).
Sliced organic potatoes in foil, lots of fresh garlic, olive oil, ground pepper, sea salt, and cumin cooked on the grill (YUM!).
Organic Carrot Coins (these were so yummy, and was great since the small ones I didnt' have to cut up more for Evie, gave them straight to her). Next time will use more paprika and double the batch! A little left for Eve! I wanted more!

**yes I still drink diet coke. I just cannot handle the sugar in real soda. We don't have much of it so in my mind it is ok.

So I am expanding our meals and having a lot of fun! Not sure what is for dinner tonight.... Need to go grocery shopping

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yesterday I got a few emails from the baby sites how Evie is 42 weeks old!

52 weeks a year - 42 weeks old. We have 10 weeks till she is 1 year old!

So where I am going with this... PUMPING!

10 more weeks of pumping! I pump while working (5 days a week), 2 times a day.
So that makes 100 pumping sessions left.
Sometimes I add in a pumping before bed. Sometimes I pump on the weekend mornings.

The past week I have not since she has been sick and nursing more. Kinda like this. Also since I was with her for 4 days straight, I didn't pump once. You know that was AMAZING. Now I do enjoy pumping. I enjoy the break from work. The book I read. But it is a chore. So over it.

Yes I do have a decent stash in our freezer. I was pumping in the am on weekends and around 9 every night. But I think I may cut those out.Those helped me make the cut of her bottles during the week. I like making enough each day for Evie. But I am tired of the pump. I kept telling myself I would keep the evening pumping till she was 10 months old. I have not done the evening pumping in a week (mostly because she is waking up in pain from a sour throat and it helps soothe her, so I have been nursing her early evening after she goes to bed). I am not pumping tonight in case she wakes up. Now I am going to 'cry it out' this wake up next week if she continues and is no longer sick. But she needs it to feel better (at least that is what I am telling myself).  So I guess what I am saying, well convincing myself, is that I may be done with the evening pumping session. Yes I am done with the evening pumping too!

I feel like I am so close to the finish line of pumping!. Will transition to cows milk at a year but keep the morning / evening nursing sessions. I may keep the first pumping at work to give her a little more breastmilk.Ehh I don't know. Will cross that bridge when it comes to it.

So pretty much 100 pumping sessions to go! Maybe a few more in there, but not many. Kind of nice to have a number left.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Memorial Day weekend was a interesting one.

Friday, I left work early. Picked up Evie at daycare. Packed our stuff for an overnight at my aunts house! Had not seen them in a while (Nick did not join). Us girls and Chubba (my uncle). Was fun. But Evie just was not acting herself. Friday night she was fine. At dinner. Fell asleep in the pack n play. Woke up a few times. Ended up joining me in bed (ok I do enjoy her in bed with me when I am sleeping over somewhere). She woke up quite a few times next to me all night.

Saturday morning. Helped them get ready for their yard sale. Scored some great stuff for Evie. Little People, books, crib sheets. But as the day progressed she was very clingy. Not interested in food (solids). Just not herself. She threw up outside a little bit too. Was very strange. She kept playing with her head/ears. My first thought - ear infection!

On our way home, and hour long drive, called up Nick and he called the on call dr and left a message. She didn't have a fever. He said to keep an eye on her and call back in the morning.

Saturday night, ugh. She pretty much only slept in our arms. She ended up with a mild fever. Tylenol helped. Just not herself at all and having the "I Am In Pain Cry". My poor baby. Called up the pediatrician and brought her in.

She had an interesting diaper rash going on. A red bumpy rash on her arms and legs. He checked her ears, clean. Checked inside her mouth - bingo. White dots towards the back.

No day care for a week - she is contagious. Can't give her anything but tylenol / motrin. Lots of cuddles.

So for those who don't know. Hand foot and mouth disease is a rash on the arms/legs/hands/feet, and blisters inside the mouth. Sounds lovely doesn't it. Fever, nauseous, headaches accompany it. It is NOT related to the animal hoof and mouth.

Most adults are immune to it. It is a fairly common disease, especially in social settings.

No wonder she was uncomfortable and not interested in eating.

What I did find that helped her was yogurt and cold popsicles.

She is doing better every day. I don't think the heat wave we have been having is helping. She is eating more and more. More smiley and more herself! 

Just has been a rough week. I don't mind the cuddles. But I just feel so bad for her when I can't do much to make her better. But a mom hug, does do wonders :)