Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back into running

I have not run since I was 6 weeks pregnant. I think I tried once after that, but had a cold, fall allergies, and first trimester exhaustion  so I stopped running. That is 11 weeks of less than normal activity. I have gone to the gym here and there to use the elliptical and do some weights. I am doing my weekly dance class, which is a good workout once a week.

But today, I forced myself back running. I used the treadmill at the gym at work. I was afraid I would fall off. Had no clue where I would be after taking a long break.

I did pretty well. Took it easy since:
- 1 - it has been a while
- 2 - I am pregnant.

Was not as bad as I thought it would be. I peed before I started working out. The second I started running had to pee again. Surprise Surprise. Amazing how 11 weeks of pregnancy and the weight of the uterus, baby, etc on the bladder make this happen. So stopped after 6.5 minutes of running and a 1.5 minute warm up to pee. Then got back on (happy the treadmill didn't reset!) and ran for another 7 minutes. Well with a quick walk in the middle and at the end to cool down. Did 1.1 miles total. Not great, but a good start.

I will continue this till my bump can't take it anymore. Then will move back to the elliptical. I could have gone longer, but don't want to push myself as hard as I would have not pregnant.

And I did NOT fall off the treadmill. Was not as hard as it was when I tried it at the beginning of the year. I guess I mentally and physically remembered how to run :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby #2!

Yes I have been slacking on this blog. I have some things I want to write up, just have not had the time.

But anyways, we are expecting Baby #2 in May 2013! Estimated Due Date May 11, 2013, but I am adding 2 weeks onto that so I can be surprised if it does come early/on time.

We are very excited! Evie and this baby will be 2 years 9 months apart! Hopefully they will be best friends. Evie still has no idea there is a baby coming. I tell her there is a baby in my belly, but then she says it is in hers. Maybe as I get bigger, she will understand.

This pregnancy has been going really well. Not much morning sickness. Not many aversions  Yes cravings for fatty foods, fried foods, etc. Same cravings I had when pregnant with Evie. Exhaustion is there still. Most likely since I have a toddler at home and cannot relax when I come home from work. I do miss those after work naps, but a lot of 2nd time moms say the same thing.

So right now I am 17 weeks pregnant! This pregnancy has been flying by. Almost half way there and I do not know where the time has gone!

Definitively have a noticeable bump already. I had round ligament stretching early, and if I sneeze just right I know I pull something. Had more odd pains this time around. I am using a mini snoogle to sleep with sometimes since I just cannot get comfortable. Started wearing maternity pants at 8 weeks. I could have made real pants maybe last a week longer, but they were getting tight. One reason I think 2nd time moms are in maternity clothing earlier are: you get bigger earlier, and you remember how comfy maternity pants are!

I have been exercising this pregnancy too. I was running but fall came, allergies picked up and I was not taking full breaths. I had a cold too so that did not help. I am doing a great dance class once a week - dancing for birth. I started this dance class before I got pregnant. It is a good work out, fun, builds self confidence, and full of women so you don't have to worry if you look stupid dancing. Just go out, feel the music, work out, and have fun! I am going to start running again on the treadmill during the winter. There is a color run 5K in Boston in July of 2013 I want to do, so have to make sure my body can do it quickly after birth. I miss running and need to get back on the grind.

But no pregnancy is around without drama...

I wanted to have a homebirth with this baby. Started seeing a midwife practice. They are welcoming, answer my questions and don't make me feel rushed.

BUT their office organization sucks. The main person who handles calls works with her 7ish month old there and 3 year old there. I do see that as a big distraction. I am a working mom too, but would not get any work done, and done well if I had my kid with me at work. Even as a newborn.

Early November, I met with HR about if they knew Midwives and Homebirth were covered by our insurance plan. We are a self funded insurance, which makes things tricky (meaning our company actually pays the claims up to a certain price). NH has a law that insurance covers midwives, BUT this does not apply for self funded plans.

I call up the midwife practice about this, and they don't get back to me until almost a week later. Frustrating. They said they heard different and would look into it and mail me something before my next appointment about what would be covered for having a birth there, at home, splitting the care up to billing insurance all at once and billing prenatal and birth. My appointment comes and they still have not run the numbers. OK the  person pulls it up on the screen, says she will finish it today and get it in the mail to me.

That was 2 weeks ago. Talking to my husband, he is too stressed that we will get stuck with a 6K bill, which at this point seems possible and I am worried about it too. I have called and left messages (no one ever picks up the phone is seems).

So at this point, we have decided to go back to the OB I used with Evie. They were fine with me calling and setting up appointments. I see them next week.

I am fine and happy with this decision. We know what to expect financially  The drive is so much easier (and tell you the truth 30 min one way to the midwives was annoying with being stressed at work). And I had no issues with their care with Evie. I enjoyed all my care I had there with Evie. Her birth was fantastic and smooth.

My plan is to leave the hospital ASAP. Preferably a few hours after birth, but will spend the night if necessary. Still going to do med free, going to try to hold off on induction (but I remember how it is at the end and just want to be done). Now to decide if we want a doula.

Now ultrasound pictures! These are from the NT scan around 11ish weeks.

And the creapy 3D ultrasound Pictures. I still find these odd, and prefer the 2D ones.

 I do have some bump pictures to share too. 

An old one, we are not good at taking weekly. We were trying but failed. This one is between 11 and 12 weeks. (Why does blogger make it so hard to format?)

From last week, 16 - 17 weeks