Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breast Cancer Walk

More than 2 years ago, my aunt (and god mother) was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember the phone call and thinking “Is this real? It can’t be”. Waiting and Waiting to hear more, about surgery, more diagnosis stuff, etc. I just could not believe this was happening. So young for cancer. 

She had a mastectomy and a tram flap surgery. Then came chemotherapy and radiation. She shaved her head before the hair started to fall out. She rocked a scarf on her head! Still full of life, laughter, and love. The chemo and radiation was hell on her. 

Now every 6 months she gets an IV drug (Zometa) which strengthens her bones. Soon she begins a 5 day a week hyperbaric oxygen treatment (think stuck in a clear tube absorbing higher concentrations of oxygen) -  2 hours each day, for 6 weeks. Sounds like a great time right?

But Deedle (what I will always call her ever since I was a toddler) is doing great. Busy but great. I cannot believe how far she has come.

To support her, Nick, Evie and I are participating in her team’s Breast Cancer Walk October 14th in Boston. The team is open to more teammates. I would love some friends to join us! You will get a free lunch and a ride to and from the walk so you don’t have to deal with Boston traffic (from a town in MA). Will be a lot of fun - and come on it is just a walk not a run! Oh and if you are contemplating it - you get a free shirt. The team name - ’50 SHADES OF PINK’! Come on such a great team name!

If you can’t join in on the walk, think about donating. A little bit of a donation goes towards free mammograms to help detect cancer early!

To join the team or to make a donation please visit:
(or my personal page to donate to my small goal)

And if you want to read about my Aunt’s Cancer story, which is quite humorous you can read her blog here.