Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yep last last Friday I got my hands on a shiny new iPhone 4s! Actually got it on release day! Who would have thought. Now I am finally entering the 21st Century with a smart phone. It is amazing how many smart phones there are now and how it is nearly impossible to get a non smart phone now when you renw your cell phone contract.

OK funny back story. Nick preordered my iphone through a local small verizon store. They could not guarantee him a date that it would be in, but within the week of release day, not bad since I needed to sign a new contract and all and didn't want to stand in line. So the day before it was released, October 13, I was sitting at my desk. I went to grab my metal water bottle. Forgot to put the lid on right. It fell on my LG Dare (touchscreen) and shattered the screen. Panic mode. WTF, I am supposed to get a new phone within the week and now I have an unusable phone. So went home to get Nick's replacement phone (we did have insurance, but didn't want to pay $50 to get a new phone when I would be getting one soonish anyways). Got that POS activated so at least I could make and receive phone calls. One day with that texting phone and I was DONE. Luckily to my surprise, that wonderful Friday afternoon got a call that they had the iPhones in! I rushed out of work and got the last black iPhone 16G! I knew if I didn't replace my broken phone I would not get the iPhone for a week. But if I replaced it then I would get tit quickly (it worked!)

I am loving my wonderful slice of technology! So pretty. So light. Smaller than my old phone. Easy to use. Siri is kind of fun and has some great easter eggs in it.

I have not bought any applications yet. But have a small amount of free ones (angry birds, facebook, pandora, grocery iq, skype, falling stars).

And I have a new favorite app! Grocery iQ. I have multiple lists on it. One for the grocery store, One for Target, One for the craft store. And I can sign in online on my computer and edit my list there, organize the sections of the list to make shopping faster. And I can share it too! Now to get my husband to download it on his android. It even has links to coupons.com so you have your coupons with you (have not used this yet). OK closer look looks like you can't. D'OH.

I am thinking of getting the Target app since I am there so often. They always have great coupons too and would be able to actually possibly maybe have coupons to use.

Have any other good apps for me to get?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Evie's First Birthday Party!

The Saturday after Evie's first birthday was her party! Invited lots of her friends, our friends, and family. Was a lot of fun.

We actually had the party in our backyard. Nick and his dad got the backyard leveled and grass actually started to grow (annual grew first then the perennial started to grow)! A little look of a work in progress/construction zone (mound of dirt covered by a tarp...), but was perfect.

I made a sign for the area for presents. There is also a balloon covered wreath that we never hung up that I made. Looked really cute, just didn't have a place to put it. The sign was fairly easy to make, just an hour a night for about 3 nights.

The party was in the late afternoon. I didn't want it too early to mess with anyone's nap schedules, and lets face it, working mom does not equal good enough to get everything together for a Saturday morning. I didn't make as much as I wanted for the party. Decided to keep it simple. Ordered a yummy and gorgeous cake. We had pizza delivered. Made a fantastic salad. Had fruit. Had sodas, water, and lots of beer.

We had her splash mat set up (pool with sprinklers built in), a water table set up, as well as some of her favorite toys set up in the backyard. All the kids loved the water!

And her smash cake! 


And mommy going to clean off frosting covered baby

We wanted to open presents in front of everyone, but tiredness overcame. I knew she would not be interested. So we put off presents till the next few days. We really did about 1-2 presents a night for about a week. She got some fantastic gifts (and bad mommy never sent out thank you cards!)

It was a fantastic birthday party! I know the next one will be even more fun with her running everywhere. Thanks to everyone who helped out and joined us for the party. Was such a great day!

Evelyn Irene's First Birthday!

Yes this is 2 months late. I have a post almost written with a letter to her for her birthday. Just need to add the stats I have written down somewhere at home from her 1 year doctor's visit. Hopefully I'll get that posted before her 15 month appointment next week.

Her first birthday was so much fun! I took the day off to celebrate it with her. I just knew I would not be able to drop her off at day care, since I wanted to be with her and reminisce about the day she was born.

The day started off with a happy girl in her crib. All smiles and giggles. I believe she slept in that morning since we didn't have to go to daycare and work!

We decided to start the birthday morning off with homemade pancakes (with real NH maple syrup), chicken apple sausages, and bananas. Yummy breakfast morning! This was her first taste of maple syrup. She was pretty much just eating syrup. I don't blame her! YUM!

Then we got dressed to go to our favorite baby/toddler store for a music class! Evie had fun, while we sang along. She was the youngest one there but she enjoyed it, especially the monkey mask they used as props for 10 monkeys jumping on the bed.

After the class, we came home and napped. Birthday girl needs her sleep! Then had some lunch, played around the house. Since it was so gorgeous out (since August usually is, unless it is humid) we went to the public pool! Dressed her in her cute suit. Got there, switched her to her reusable swim diaper. And went in. This pool has a great kid area (no pictures, was just me and her). She had fun with the spouts of water, water trickling down on her. And enjoyed going into the deep end with mama to practice kicking, dunking under water, and twirling. This kid loves the water and will be a little fish!

After a good hour, we had enough and I didn't want her to get too cold, so we headed home. Daddy was leaving work early so we could all enjoy dinner together!

For dinner, was her favorite, Mac and Cheese! How can you go wrong with cheese and pasta? And of course, finished it off with a gourmet vanilla cupcake from a yummy local cupcake shop

Yes we did get a video too :)

Then present time! She got a great present from her aunt Katie! Katie has had a Gund Monkey forever. It is her favorite item of all time. So she got Evie one too! Here is a great picture of Katie's monkey and Evie's monkey. A really sweet picture, showing how loved hers is, and kind of passing on the torch 

And how can we talk about her opening presents without a video of her opening Monkey. Includes kisses :)

And that was her first birthday day! Filled with sooo much fun! Love this little girl, who will always be mommy's baby!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


This past week, Evelyn has been easily upsettable. If she doesn't get what she wants, upset. Very clingy. Sleeping sometimes ok, sometimes ehh. I thought part of it was due to her changing rooms at day care. New room, new schedule, new teachers, new kids. Lots of change. (but she has been handling it well, and they say she is doing fantastic!)

Today when we got home, She was really clingy. Did not want to be put down, except to eat. Went upstairs to play and decided to check her teething since it has been a while. HELLO 2 top molars poking through and one on the bottom almost through!

Tonight is rough. Not sleeping well at all.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Working Out

I did great for 2 days. Then stuff happened at work and had no time to work out. Boo. I was putting in time at work from 7am to 5pm. Pick up Evelyn from day care. She goes to bed around 7-7:30. Eat dinner. Then was working from dinner to 9-10. So yep was putting in many 12 hour days. Was so much fun.

I have been eating ok. I have been using http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ . I really like the site and it helps me track what I eat and caloric intake. It really does help and makes me realize where I am for the day.

Busy work schedule has been getting better so I hope to make it to the gym today! But on the plus side of busy work, I have been moving and running (literally) around at work so at least that is some activity. And I have been doing lots of stairs (I would say about 15 flights a day) since I am not a fan of the elevator.

But when I did go to the gym, I have been hitting cardio much harder than I used to. I still do weights. Also that is what I love about myfitnesspal - I can track how I work out!  Still have not weighed myself. Just keep forgetting to. oops

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Out

As of last Friday, I am done pumping at work. It has been nice not to watch the clock at work and to have to take a break. I did it easily. Last week I only pumped the morning session. Then over the weekend only nursed her during morning and night. Then on Monday did not pump. Did not pump on Tuesday either. And not today. I have the pump in the car in case I get engorged or uncomfortable. So far so good!

Anyways, that means I have to start not eating as much. Since producing milk does take an extra 300 a day. Since I am now just doing morning and night, I need to start watching more what I eat. I am no longer nursing constantly. I am no longer pumping. I don't need to eat like I am.

So yes this does take time. I have found my self questioning before and after. Need to get back to how I was eating before pregnancy and nursing.

But also this change of my working schedule means something great! I can finally start working out at work again! I am actually very excited for this! Because I was taking 3 20 min breaks at work I found it hard to go to the gym. When I was taking 2 20 min breaks was also hard. Last week was not bad but had a lot to do outside of work, just didn't have the time (Evie's first birthday party, will update in a bit about that!).

Now I have the time to work out and I am bringing my gym clothing tomorrow! I am actually very excited to get back to the gym. I need this. It will give me more energy. I will fit better in my clothing. I will like myself more when I look in the mirror.

Will update tomorrow of how it went.

(oh side note, this great blog about 5 women loosing weight together has helped inspire me to get back into working out Cut The Crap. They all have done a good job and have been realistic about the weight loss journey. The ups the downs. The food temptations. The lazyness. But they are doing great!)

Maybe if I get the courage I will post my weight. I don't have a goal weight. I don't have a goal dress size. I don't have goal jeans/clothing. OK I want to get rid of my stomach and want my thighs to be thinner/less chubby.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Planning Evie's First Birthday Day

Baby girl is 1 in 2 short days! Well really  less than 1.5 days. wow.

I am pretty sure I am taking that day as a vacation day. I will be emotional - remembering a year ago. And I don't think I will be able to drop her off and leave her at day care.

So we are going to have fun. Just her and me. Think we will start the day with homemade pancakes and chicken apple sausage. Go to a singing / music class to sing along and dance possibly. Maybe go to the public pool. Maybe go to the small children's 'museum' for her to crawl around, pull up, and play. Maybe meet dad for lunch, or just have lunch at home. And end the day with her favorite annies mac and cheese with peas and of course a cupcake!

I think it sounds like a fun day. Think we will do 2 of the outings above depending on weather, nap schedule. At the very least we will play outside!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Moo Cow

Officially, starting today, I am starting to wean form pumping at work.

I think I am going to drop the afternoon pumping session all week. So only pump in the morning! As Evelyn starts to understand mornings she needs to nurse off both sides, I will drop the morning pumping session. So hopefully next week I will be done pumping at work.

It is sad since it means she is no longer a baby. But at the same time, she isn't having as much mommy milk at day care as she used to. Went down from 3 bottles to 2 bottles. And not as much milk as she used to. Starting to want more and more real food and this girl is a fan of water in her sippys. And over the weekend she would only nurse 3-4 times a day. So yep she is starting the weaning process.

I am happy to not have to watch the afternoon clock. I never got much in the afternoon anyways (2-3 oz). I think my body will quickly adjust to the no afternoon pumping.

It is a sad day. Even though pumping is annoying, I did enjoy doing it for evie. The competitiveness in me was like hell yeah when I had a good pumping session. But it will be nice to not have to worry about what I pump and to not have to watch the clock and think "oh not enough time to get into this" at work. This also means I will be able to replace a pumping session with a work out session!

Furniture Hunt

Mobile baby really makes you reconsider what kind of furniture you have.

This weekend she has bonked her head on our coffee table multiple times. From underneath, from on top, on the side, and every other which angle.

I do like our coffee table. It is something my father in law made that we inherited. Good shape, good construction, like the simplicity. I would maybe change the stain, add a shelf under, but not much else.

But I am done of Evie bonking her head on it. I don't want to add padding to the edges since I would not really use it and would cause me to spill so much stuff on it.

So I am on the hunt for an ottoman. And for the space an ottoman would work so much better. We would need to get a bigger side table between the couch and chair. Move the plant that is on  the current table. Get a stained laquered board to put on top of the bunny crate to use as a table when needed. But it would fit the space better and would require me to put my laptop away when not in use, which would make our evenings more social and me not have my head burred in my laptop browsing facebook, pinterest, and online boards.

I want something that has quality but don't want to spend too much money. So I am looking at consignment shops. Went to one yesterday, they didn't have much. But I think I may have fallen in love with a corner storage thing they had but didn't have a price. And I found a teal refurbished desk for the office that also didn't have a price. I may stop in today and see if I can get a price for them.

The corner thing would be in our living room and hopefully replace the bookcase that is overflowing with CDs/DVDs/BlueRays/VideoGames. Some may have to go into storage in the basement (what do you all do for storage of media?). What I liked about this piece was that it was simple lines, had bottom doors, stained dark brown, which our furniture in that room is. And hopefully the price is right!

The desk was cute. Could tell it was recently painted. Had small drawers great for hiding stuff that clutters. Small so it would fit into the room. Loved the color (so me!).

Tomorrow I am stopping at another consignment store. Maybe they will have something.

If it all fails, I may order something cheap from target. Was thinking 2-3 of the small pleather storage ottomans so we could move them around as we need them. But of course our local one doesn't have them in stock (and they do have 2 but are dinged so no thank you).

But it is funny, after being in this house for 4 years, we are finally figuring out the orientation of the living room and are ALMOST done with it!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Weekend

Yep I would say it has been a good weekend.
Ran lots of errands for Evie's birthday party next weekend.  Ordered her cake. Got decorations.
Took the dogs to the groomer. They are clean, smell good, and have short nails! Got them furminated, so wonder if it will help with the shedding. They also have clean dog beds! So double clean!!! They even got pretty butterfly bandanas at the groomer! Cutties.
Evie learned how to climb up stairs. Learned how to pull up. Learned how to cruise. Such a mover!

A great weekend!

And to leave you all with a cute video of her!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What a day!

My baby girl is now flying up stairs! Last night she started to do one step, then another, then another. This morning she loved it! Laughs while going up and while I carry her down. She loooves it.

Also one other big thing for the day. She is pulling completely up onto things! So confident. She is almost able to cruise. Wow

Such a big girl!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1 more week

One more week that I have a baby. I am reminiciting over the past few years.
One year ago today was my due date. It came and went and nothing happened.

I am so happy I kept this blog over my pregnancy. Gives me something to look back on and remember.

I just cannot believe 1 more week till Evelyn is 1 year old. Where did the past year go? I have no idea.

Memories of her first being born. Memories of her first nights at home. Memories of this tiny little baby. Memories of her cuddles. memories of her learning to hold her head up. Memories of her smiling and cooing at me. Memories of her just wanting mama. Memories of her nussling into my chest. Memories of her first foods. Memories of her learning to sit. Memories of her first time reaching towards me to pick her up. Memories of her saying mamamama and looking straight at me! Memories of her sitting herself up. Memories of her first crawling. Memories of her first pulling up.

It has been a fantastic year. I just cannot believe I will have a 1 year old soon...tears me up

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Since Evie got her top teeth this weekend, she has been more interested in biting. oh joy.

This morning she bit me while nursing. Not down that hard. Did not hurt *that* much.  But I pulled my nipple out right away. It got caught on the top teeth and some of the skin got pulled away and I started to bleed. What every nursing mother looks forward to.

She bit me twice this morning. Once while I went to yell at the dogs since they were getting into something. Then once when we resumed a few minutes later.

I know it has to do with her getting startled, bored, or full. At least that is what kellymom is telling me.I did do what I have heard about is say no biting and put her down. She did throw a little temper tantrum. So today, sporting a bandaid on my nipple. This will make pumping interesting.

Talking to daycare at drop off, she is trying to bite other kids at day care. Wonderful. They are picking her up, removing her from the situation, and putting her in her crib with no pacifier. I am fine with this. It is similar to what I would do at home, put her down and ignore her while she is throwing a temper tantrum. I do not want to be a mom who gives into a temper tantrum. And as I was leaving day care, I remembered the temper tantrums I used to throw. I was good at them. I would cry so hard I threw up. so I guess I know where she gets her temper from. Sorry Evie.

And for anyone interested here is a wonderful kellymom article about biting while nursing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Been a while

Sorry it has been a while. Life has gotten fantasticly wonderfully busy. Really.

Random updates:
  • Evie has 4 teeth now - 2 bottom front and her 2 vampire teeth. One came in while we were in CA on June 22 and the other came in on July 23. yep a month apart!
  • She is a crawling machine. One of the reasons I don't post much! My evenings consist of playing with her, feeding her dinner, bathing, play time, bed time, picking up the house (a crawler makes you want to have clean floors!), getting lunches ready, getting the morning stuff ready, dinner for adults. So I don't sit down till 8pm, and usually start falling asleep by 9:30
  • Evie has been waking up earlier and earlier. She sleeps around 10-11 hours straight. But wakes up between 5 and 6. So we get into day care and work early. Realized I get so much done getting into work early!
  • Eve loves her doggies. Especially their toys and beds. Dog Toys = Baby toys. 
  • The heat last week was horrible. So happy we have AC in the bedrooms. Evie handled it well.
  • Evie loves the water! She has a splash pool and LOVES the thing! She loves swimming lessons too!
  • She is getting so close to fully pulling up. She will pull up on shorter things, but does not have the arm strength yet to pull up fully on the coffee table.
  • While holding her up, she has started to fully support herself standing for a good 3 seconds!
  • This girl loves to put her toys away. Loves putting things into bins. Puts toys away on shelves. So stinking cute!
  • The dogs and I are trying to go to agility class more often. They absolutely love it as do I. Just makes for a busy late night.
  • The back yard is coming along. Nick and his dad did some wonderful ground leveling (with 1.5 dumpsters full of dirt/loam). Sprinkler system installed. We did end up putting grass seed down and we have grass growing (yes it is the annual grass but it will keep the weeds away). Next is to build the fence! Yes some grass may die while trampling over it but we will put more seed down! Cannot wait for a fence and a good backyard next summer for Evie to play in. Now to start searching for a good play set for the back!
  • Work has been going good. Just lots of stuff to do. 
  • I am a witch. At least that is the first thing I thought when I went to the doctor last week and she determined I have a wart on my nose. Happy that it isn't a bad growth and just a virus, I was a little scared it was something bad. Going to a dermatologist to get it removed. She could have started it in the office but since it is my face, I want as little scaring as possible.  After that I figured that this hard area on my thumb is also a wart (3 years old) so I need to start over the counter removal for that.
  • Eve is starting to talk. A few weeks ago I swear she said Luna while she was patting her. Came out more like OoooNa. She stares at me and says Mama. Also says Dada.

And the biggest update - Evie will be 1 in less than 2 weeks! OMG!!! I cannot believe it has been a year since I was waiting for her to come out. I remember these weeks very vividly waiting till she was born. Just a reminder of how huge I was...
I remember every night just waiting. Counting contractions, wondering if it was going to be it. Waking up every morning and nope nothing. Ahh memories.
Starting to plan little miss Evelyn's birthday. Depending on the state of the back yard, it will either be in the front or in the back. We are doing snacks and cake (sliders, dips, veggies) - KISS (keep it simple stupid). I want to make a banner. I have the invites - wanted to do a photo one but just got something I liked that I fill in. Still figuring out size. I would love to invite some of my mommy friends, but depends on size and where it is located. Will post some ideas I have form pinterest maybe later today

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Girl Loves her Food!

Lately I have been getting into work before 7:30. This allows me to leave at 4 so I can pick up Evie, she can *help* make dinner (OK Watch). And we can all eat as a family together!

It is a lot of fun. She is eating what we are eating. She is staying up a little later since she is enjoying evenings more. And we are all eating healthier!

I am buying more organic, antibiotic free, nitrate free and hormone free products. Everything may not be hormone free or organic, but I am trying. It is expensive to eat all hormone free. I keep to the dirty dozen, plus a few extras since they grow in the ground. With all the kids with attention disorders and health issues, I want to keep as many chemicals, hormones, etc away from Evie, and us too!

Last night was particularly yummy.
We bbq chicken (marinated in a little bbq sauce and a little diet coke** over night).
Sliced organic potatoes in foil, lots of fresh garlic, olive oil, ground pepper, sea salt, and cumin cooked on the grill (YUM!).
Organic Carrot Coins (these were so yummy, and was great since the small ones I didnt' have to cut up more for Evie, gave them straight to her). Next time will use more paprika and double the batch! A little left for Eve! I wanted more!

**yes I still drink diet coke. I just cannot handle the sugar in real soda. We don't have much of it so in my mind it is ok.

So I am expanding our meals and having a lot of fun! Not sure what is for dinner tonight.... Need to go grocery shopping

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yesterday I got a few emails from the baby sites how Evie is 42 weeks old!

52 weeks a year - 42 weeks old. We have 10 weeks till she is 1 year old!

So where I am going with this... PUMPING!

10 more weeks of pumping! I pump while working (5 days a week), 2 times a day.
So that makes 100 pumping sessions left.
Sometimes I add in a pumping before bed. Sometimes I pump on the weekend mornings.

The past week I have not since she has been sick and nursing more. Kinda like this. Also since I was with her for 4 days straight, I didn't pump once. You know that was AMAZING. Now I do enjoy pumping. I enjoy the break from work. The book I read. But it is a chore. So over it.

Yes I do have a decent stash in our freezer. I was pumping in the am on weekends and around 9 every night. But I think I may cut those out.Those helped me make the cut of her bottles during the week. I like making enough each day for Evie. But I am tired of the pump. I kept telling myself I would keep the evening pumping till she was 10 months old. I have not done the evening pumping in a week (mostly because she is waking up in pain from a sour throat and it helps soothe her, so I have been nursing her early evening after she goes to bed). I am not pumping tonight in case she wakes up. Now I am going to 'cry it out' this wake up next week if she continues and is no longer sick. But she needs it to feel better (at least that is what I am telling myself).  So I guess what I am saying, well convincing myself, is that I may be done with the evening pumping session. Yes I am done with the evening pumping too!

I feel like I am so close to the finish line of pumping!. Will transition to cows milk at a year but keep the morning / evening nursing sessions. I may keep the first pumping at work to give her a little more breastmilk.Ehh I don't know. Will cross that bridge when it comes to it.

So pretty much 100 pumping sessions to go! Maybe a few more in there, but not many. Kind of nice to have a number left.

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Memorial Day weekend was a interesting one.

Friday, I left work early. Picked up Evie at daycare. Packed our stuff for an overnight at my aunts house! Had not seen them in a while (Nick did not join). Us girls and Chubba (my uncle). Was fun. But Evie just was not acting herself. Friday night she was fine. At dinner. Fell asleep in the pack n play. Woke up a few times. Ended up joining me in bed (ok I do enjoy her in bed with me when I am sleeping over somewhere). She woke up quite a few times next to me all night.

Saturday morning. Helped them get ready for their yard sale. Scored some great stuff for Evie. Little People, books, crib sheets. But as the day progressed she was very clingy. Not interested in food (solids). Just not herself. She threw up outside a little bit too. Was very strange. She kept playing with her head/ears. My first thought - ear infection!

On our way home, and hour long drive, called up Nick and he called the on call dr and left a message. She didn't have a fever. He said to keep an eye on her and call back in the morning.

Saturday night, ugh. She pretty much only slept in our arms. She ended up with a mild fever. Tylenol helped. Just not herself at all and having the "I Am In Pain Cry". My poor baby. Called up the pediatrician and brought her in.

She had an interesting diaper rash going on. A red bumpy rash on her arms and legs. He checked her ears, clean. Checked inside her mouth - bingo. White dots towards the back.

No day care for a week - she is contagious. Can't give her anything but tylenol / motrin. Lots of cuddles.

So for those who don't know. Hand foot and mouth disease is a rash on the arms/legs/hands/feet, and blisters inside the mouth. Sounds lovely doesn't it. Fever, nauseous, headaches accompany it. It is NOT related to the animal hoof and mouth.

Most adults are immune to it. It is a fairly common disease, especially in social settings.

No wonder she was uncomfortable and not interested in eating.

What I did find that helped her was yogurt and cold popsicles.

She is doing better every day. I don't think the heat wave we have been having is helping. She is eating more and more. More smiley and more herself! 

Just has been a rough week. I don't mind the cuddles. But I just feel so bad for her when I can't do much to make her better. But a mom hug, does do wonders :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Snack Bags

A few weeks (or maybe months) ago I saw that planet wise, one of the brands we use for wet bags, came out with snack bags. What a great idea!

I always hated using sandwich bags. Felt bad for throwing away barely used and dirty plastic bags, but never felt safe re-using for old food in them. And tell you the truth, those flimsy plastic bags were impossible to rinse out.

Talking to my mom, she said they use a lot of those cheapy plastic containers. Well and fine, but my dogs love to steal them for a chew toy... And I want to phase those out of my house in change for glass since I think it is safer to use more glass and less plastic in general.

So I ordered two of these reusable bags.One snack size and one sandwich size.

They are velcro closure. Easy to use. Surprisingly they actually help my sandwich not get squished! No one likes a squished PB&J. Easy to clean - usually just use a little dish soap and rinse. And the prints are just cute! I think I may get a few more for easy snack toting in the diaper bag (and the prints do stand out when searching through an unorganized bag).

I really like the snack size bags. Good for some cookies, crackers, cheese, etc.

A local mom/baby store has the Itzy Ritzy snack happened snack bags. They also have some cute prints, but I have not gotten one yet. I like how it is a zipper closure instead of the velcro since velcro eventually does not hold.  They don't seem as 'sturdy' as the planet wise ones so I think my sandwich would have a possibility of being squished. Next time I am in I think I'll pick one up to give it a test drive and to have on hand.

I know I will want to pick up more when we have our trip to CA later this summer. Will make it so much easier and less bulky than putting Evie's snacks in plastic containers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Tooth!

Saturday, it looked like a tooth was close! We went to one of our mom's group buddy's 1st birthday party! While there, we both noticed something was close. She ate some of my food, and gnawed on everything. That evening, we felt a tooth popping through!!!! CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABY GIRL HAS HER FIRST TOOTH!

The tooth next to it is so close to popping through too!

Yesterday was not fun thought. I found something that helped ease her discomfort. I put cold apple slices in the mesh feeder. She was able to chew/gum the apple without ingesting chunks. The coldness helped her gums feel better. And the sweetness of the apple helped too!

Then she only wanted to be held. So ergo it was! That made her so much more calm! Mom makes everything better :)

Evie's 9 month Dr. Visit

It has been a while since an update. Life is just busy, as is everyone's is.

Evie is now 9 months old! She is such a big girl. I do plan on writing a letter to her, to encompass month 7, 8 and 9. I loved doing the monthly letters to her, just time got away from me and work got busy. Not a good excuse.

May 11, 2011, on her 9 month birthday, we went in for her 9 month doctor appointment! That morning was a little hectic. Dropped her off at day care. Got to work. Sat down, and outlook reminded me that yep Evie's 9 month appointment was that morning! Oooops! Ran to the car, picked her up at day care, picked up the diaper bag at home, and off to her appointment. I guess it is good -1- I get into work early and -2- I make her appointments for later morning so if things like this happen I can still make it!

We got to the appointment early.. And Evie is 16 lb 14 oz (20%ile). Length, I think the nurse didn't measure her right. Evie was crooked and her head was especially crooked looking at something on the ceiling. With a pencil they mark her height on the tissue paper on the bed. Since the crookedness, especially Evie's head being straight, I don't think she got an accurate measurement. But they said 27.5 in (52%ile). I really think she is 28+ inches. But whatever. Her head circumference is 42cm (10%ile).

/***start small rant about units***/
OK it really bothers me that the doctors office cannot make their mind on what units to use! Really keep with metric. You are part of the scientific community. Use Metric Please! kilograms/grams vs lb/ounces, meter vs inches. And what really irks me is that the measurements are done in us standard units till the head circumference. At least pick one and stick with it!
/***end small rant about units***/

She said we could start her on pretty much everything we eat (except peanut butter, honey, and whole eggs, those are all 1 year). So since then this girl has been loving her food! And since starting more and more table foods, her dexterity has greatly improved!

Evie is a little behind on her developmental things, but she is not concerned. No crawling yet. Not too much consonant sounds. Not pulling to standing. Yes every kid is different. Just was hard to hear since her growing has slowed according to the doctor and she is a little behind. May have shed a few tears in the car on the way to day care. But got to day care and they assured me she is not behind at all. She is doing great.  I guess a lot of it is that, working mom guilt, I can't spend a lot of time with her and don't know 100% sometimes when they ask about her words.

But this past weekend I really did know. She is a talker and is saying all consonant . Just only when she is in the mood to talk, which is early morning and afternoon after naps. If we put her on her knees, she rocks. If a toy is beyond her reach, she will stretch and get into the crawling stance, sometimes sit back up or lay down on her belly and play. She is starting to sort of pull up! So not behind at all!

And the best part of the 9 month check up - NO SHOTS! Yep NO SHOTS!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick Baby

The past 2 months have been hard on Evie. She is just not getting a break! Cold after Cold. Diaper area issues. Fevers. Ear Infections. Conjunctivits. My poor baby girl.

About 2.5 weeks ago (April 5) we went in since she had a few days of a fever of 102. Day care called me on a Monday I believe and I went and picked her up early because she had a fever. She still had it on Tuesday, and had stuff in her eyes, as well as green stuff coming out of her nose. Took her into the pediatrician. They had to scrape ear wax out of her ear just so they could look in it! One they could not get a good look at, but she was freaking out when they scraped that one. Ear infection and conjunctivitis and a fever = antibiotics.

2 weeks later (April 19) I brought her in since her eye goop was still there and a lot greener. She still had a cold, may have been a different one since I think we had a 1-2 day break over the weekend. Gave us eye drops for her conjunctivits. Cleared up very soon after that. But the cold was still going on.

Yesterday (April 25), I got a call from day care. She has a fever of 101.7. YIKES! She is drinking her bottles at day care fine and is nursing fine. Just was not interested in solids yesterday. She had tylenol when we first got home and motrin before bed since it lasts longer. She did not sleep well. But did not have a fever this morning! But that is normal for her, if she has a fever it usually pops up late morning / early afternoon.

Kind of waiting to see what I should do. Maybe this is just one long continuation sickness and I need to bring her in to get better meds for her. Maybe these are all unrelated and I will be the paranoid mom. Plus our copay is kinda high, they always comment on it when I leave. And I don't want to bring her in when they will say...just wait a few days. Ehh best bed to call the nurse's line. Going to do that now.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Evie Art Projects

I got inspired by this blog, Paint and Prozac, to do some art projects with Evie.

Last weekned we did our first art project. In a soup container, we put some paper around the edge. Put some paint in the bottom of the container with 4 marbles. Secured the top. And let her have at it. She had fun shaking it, rolling it, and knocking it over. It generated some great art!

Today was a snow day. So we wanted to do another project! Put some paint on paper. Put it inside a ziplock bag. Evie got to squish and play with it. And generated some great artwork! Here is the finished artwork before I took it out of the bag. Second picture is the finished project!


On Fat Tuesday Nick made Jambalya for us (great day to have it)!  Was sooo good.

Tonight I had to make it myself since it was soo good the last time.

He based it off this recipe, my changes will be italicized.

Simple and oh so yummy! Just takes some time cleaning the chicken and chopping up the veggies. (OK after loading the picture, I see why people make sure the bowl is clean)


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 1/2 pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs, cleaned and cut up into large bite sized pieces
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 pound smoked sausage, sliced into circles
  • 1 large Vidalia onion, chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 ribs celery, chopped
  • 4 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon chopped thyme
  • 2 cups long grain white rice
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 (14-ounce) can fire-roasted diced tomatoes
  • 2 1/2 cups chicken broth, we found that you really need 3 - 3 1/2 cups
  • 1 dried bay leaf
  • Shrimp, about 1/2 pound, deveined, shelled, etc
  • 1 tsp cajun seasoning
  • sprinkle of cayenne pepper - depending on how much spice you like
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions (we left out since we forgot)
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley (we left out since we forgot)


Heat the oil in a large Dutch oven over medium-high heat.
Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Add chicken to the Dutch oven and brown on each side, about 8 minutes total. Remove to a plate and reserve.
Add sausage, onion, bell pepper, celery, garlic, and thyme and saute until translucent and sausage is browned, about 8 minutes. (you may want to brown sausages seperately like chicken)
Stir in rice, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, broth, bay leaf, and reserved chicken, and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, and cook on low, covered, for 20 minutes. Add the cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper.
Last 10ish minutes, add the shrimp, once the rice is almost done since the shrimp does not take long to cook.
Turn off heat and let rice stand, covered, 5 minutes. Remove bay leaf. Fluff rice with fork and stir in green onions and parsley.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where to Eat...

"So I was in the bathroom this morning, eating an awesome fried egg sandwich and...What? You think there's something wrong with eating in the bathroom? Did that gross you out? Then why do people suggest breastfeeding mothers feed their babies in the bathroom? If you're a fan of parents and babies rights, put this up as your status."

This is a line going around facebook. I love it. When I first read it my first reaction was.... gross why are you eating in the bathroom.... until I finished reading the update.

But it is true. As you all probably know, I am 1000000% for breastfeeding. I love it. Evie loves it. We have learned to do it discreatly out in public, most of the time. If I am around people that I don't think are comfortable with it, I do use my nursing cover. But, I would prefer not to. I still use it and will continue to use it since my dad or inlaws don't want the possibility of seeing that.

I have learned how to breastfeed without anything showing. Ahh the wonders of layering a tank under any shirt!

I have not gone out much when Evie is starving. Usually it is Mom's Group that I nurse her in in public. I learned how to do it gracefully (as if I could ever use that word...I am anything but gracefull). 

So I guess the point of this post is pretty much to say.....

People should be allowed to nurse their children where they want. As long as they do it subtly. Like no whipping out your boob for a minute while you posistion your baby. If you are getting the hang of it, a nursing cover helps. Practice at home and get used to doing it out in public without much showing. I am all for anyone should do it how they want to and educate everyone around, but can do it without a full on boobs would be preferable for most (but I do want one of those boob hats for Evie one day!). I don't care if someone whips their boob out, but I know there are people out there that would be uncomfortable. But a few seconds of it out, ehh who cares. It is anatomy and it is a feeding device! 

And on that topic, I love being to go out, not have to worry about bringing enough formula/bottles. Not lugging extra things around. Not having to warm anything up. Not having to worry about bubbles in formula I shake. Just to be able to feed my daugher so easily, and satisfy that hunger so quickly (thought she wants me to feed her quicker....she loves her food).

I would never give up breastfeeding. I so love it! Love looking down at her big eyes (whos color change daily). Her looking up at me. Stroking my hair. Playing with my shirt. Moments I will never forget. 

I want to get a good picture of Evie and I nursing. Just not sure where. I have taken some with my cell phone, but not sharable. It is just something I love to do and something we both share that I would love a good picture of it to always remember. One of my online friends has a fantastic picture of her nursing he daughter out on a hike. Nothing but nature around, but her sitting on a rock (I think) nursing. Just something so perfect about that. I want a picture like that too. One to look back on and be proud, happy, full of joy.

Starting to go of on a tangent now so  I am going to stop.

Just my 2 cents. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am so lucky!

Really. I am so lucky!

Nick has been awesome lately. Yep I am praising my husband here!

I get home around 5 with Evie. Feed her dinner. Give her a bath (now a daily occurrence with baking soda). Evie bum naked time. Get her ready for bed. And down for bed at 7ish. Nick gets home around 6ish. So I don't have much time to cook lately if we want to eat at a decent hour.

He has been helping me so much! Usually when nursing Evie right before bed, and getting her ready for bed, he has been making dinner! I know the guy who knew how to warm up a hotdog and make mac and cheese is actually starting to learn how to cook! Not complicated stuff, but still real meals!

Like last night. I showered after Evie went down since it is easier to squeeze in a shower at night than in the mornings. Nick started dinner. Chicken Sausages, Asparagus, and Baked Beans! Was a tasty and satisfying meal.

Yes I still get to cook. Usually on the weekends. I try to make a few extra things to use during the week or put in our deep freezer. I still get things together to put in the crock pot (usually weekly).

But it has been so helpful that he has been helping with dinner! I really do appreciate it. (He also washes my pump parts in the evenings!). Definitely helps make the evenings a little smoother and a little healthier than warming something up quickly (though they are still quick meals and not always healthy).

I am trying to get him to make Jambalaya on Friday, since we are expecting 6inches to a foot of snow. Sounds like something good for a snowy day! Yes this guy makes a damn good Jumbalaya! mmm mouth watering for it!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Evie is learning to feed herself!

Yep that is right. I was surprised by it too on Thursday.

When making her dinner, I put her in the high chair and wheel her into the kitchen. I break up some puffs and put them on the tray. She plays with them. And she brings them to her mouth. They don't always get in, but she is getting the idea! She is even starting to chew them!

Yes I am a proud mamma!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cloth Diaper U

So just a quick little write up about a sorority friend's cloth diaper business.


Jenn is one of the owners. She has been cloth diapering her child for a while and has had the guts to start her own cloth diaper business. With not many real stores around, it is great to talk to someone about cloth diapers, challenges, products, etc.

Her selection is growing all the time. She turned me on to some awesome wet bags I was not sure about.

Give them a look and try them out!  They are also on facebook!


I have not really had/enjoyed dairy for 7 months. About a few weeks into breastfeeding Evie, I noticed she was fussier and had skin issues every time I had real dairy. So I cut most of it from my diet and she was happier and her skin was not as broken out, dry, etc

Since then I have a little here, a little there. Like a little parm on pasta, or a small amount of cheddar in a taco. But nothing much.

Once and a while I did cheat and have something tasty. And Evie paid for it. So feeling bad, still doing the non dairy thing.

This sucks. You do not realize how many things out there have dairy in them until you cannot have them. Going to lunch, I really have to search the menu for something non dairy. Everything seems to have some sort of cheese in it.

But I have found some great non dairy treats. coconut milk ice cream bars...to die for! Almond Milk..omg (but I am taking a break to see if this caused Evie's diaper rash issues). Have learned to live without cheese for the most part. This local pizza place makes a fantastic non cheese pizza (even though I know/am pretty sure it has butter on the crust).

But I am sick of it. Recently tried some dairy, then Evie had diaper rash issues. Could be related to the new foods she consumed. Could be related to her diapers needed to be stripped. Could be related to she just needed to air out her bum. Whole different post and will update soon about that. So I am back to the no dairy thing.

I will try dairy again when she is 9 months (1.5 months!). I don't think it is a lactose thing. I think it is a dairy cow protein thing.

Just sometimes I want a large glass of cold milk (Drinking it throughout my pregnancy with Evie got me liking it and sometimes still want some), some ice cream, a grilled cheese sandwich, some cheesy pizza. But nope. Evie being happy and on breast milk is so much more important than me having dairy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Win Diapers

Kelly Wels is giving away a fantastic package of cloth diapers! These are some of our favorite coth diapers. My husband loves them too. Babysitters find them easy. Day care (who is now finally cloth diapering for us!) is impressed with them and finds them just as easy as disposables!

This would be a great package for anyone starting their cloth diaper adventure. It would also be great for us to generate our aplix cloth diaper stash for day care to help my working mom schedule be a little easier so I can do wash every 3 days.

Enter to win. Such a great sweepstakes!
Go to her facebook sweepstakes page here and enter
And go to her blog and read about it too!

You could win
14 bumgenius 4.0 cloth diapers with inserts
1 bumgenius diaper sprayer
1 bumgenius diaper pail

Go enter!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cloth Diapers at Day Care!

Yep! You read that title right. We are now using cloth diapers at day care!!!!!!!!!

It all started last last Thursday (Feb 24). That morning went to get Evie to start the day, get ready for work/day care, etc. Saw that she scratched up her forhead bad at night. Lovely. She does this once and a while. So I put some Aquaphor on it since usually it helps heal and hydrate the scratched skin.

Brought her to day care, saying that she scratched her head last night, they noticed immediately too. I said to please put some Aquaphor on it randomly throughout the day to help it heal. Once at work, probably 30 minutes after I dropped her off I got a call from day care. They said they think it looks infected and wanted me to bring her to the pediatrician.

Had to wait till 9 for the pediatrician's office to open. Called and made an appointment around lunch time.

So the benefit of this appointment is that the doctor FINALLY got to see Evie's bum in a disposable. And she was surprised how red and irritated it looked. She believed me that it was better in cloth. She prescribed a cream for Evie's forehead since it was slightly infected (totally healed now). And the best part about the visit - She wrote a prescription for day care to use cloth diapers!!!!!! She said that yes Evie does have eczema (which surprise surprise, I have sensitive skin, my mom has eczema now, my grandmother has to use hypoallergenic lotions and makeup, my uncle had eczema as a child, my dad's side is all full of allergies...should have figured this out).

So we have to make sure to lather her up with lotions, at least twice a day. Always moisturize her head. Always have the humidifier on (we had been doing this all winter anyways). And her skin is better and she is less itchy.

So cloth at day care. They were not thrilled at first. Were trying to convince me to try different brands of disposables. They did not know how modern cloth diapers are. They thought they would have to deal with safety pins (haha). Told me the state regulations I have to go by. But in the end they said they would try it!

So what we have to do:
Provide a trash can outside the building with a lid on it to hold the dirty diapers
Provide enough diapers for 1.5-2 days in case she uses a lot
Provide bags for the dirty diapers to go in (each diaper has to be in its own bag in the trash can, state regulation)

Not bad. I have brought them a lot of grocery bags to use and have a handful of wetbags we use. I am getting more gradually so we won't have to use grocery bags, since I rarely get them at home since we use our canvas bags.

And after almost 2 weeks things are going well. Her bum is rarely irritated. Sometimes it gets easily dry. We do slather it in California Baby Calendula Cream at each diaper change to make sure her bum stays hydrated. Sometimes at home I also use some lanolin cream to really moisturize it.

But they are not complaining about it anymore. I don't think it is as much of a hassle as they were expecting. They are amazed at the modern cloth diapers (we use pocket, bumgenius, rumparooz and blueberry (on the way from their clearance section)). We only use aplix (velcro) at day care to make it easier on them and make them as close to disposables as possible.

And the great thing - NO MORE BLOWOUTS! Yes! Evie is a pooper. She poops about 2-4 times a day. And probably 2-3 times a week she would need an outfit change in disposables. But in almost 2 weeks not one (bet I am jinxing myself now).

But yes so happy with this! And so is Evie!


Today is Ash Wednesday. I was supposed to go to Mass with Evie this morning, but we could just not get out the door in time. The plan is to leave work a little early so I can grab her from day care, feed her dinner and go to the 5:30 mass (hopefully Nick will be able to join!).

It was so much easier when I was in catholic school to go to holy day masses. Well for one I had little responsibilities. And two, they planned the school schedule around mass. Going before or after work is hard, especially with a baby. The 5:30 mass will be interesting. Her tired time of day. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Now the question is, do they do ashes on babies foreheads?

So during lent I have decided what I am giving up. My computer usage in the evenings. No facebook game playing. No looking at facebook or message boards. What I will let myself do is upload pictures and post on facebook and my photo blog to share with family across the country.

I am giving up meat today, and Fridays during lent. But I am not fasting. I really cannot fast while nursing. I really need to keep my calories up so I can produce enough milk for Evie. Especially since I am producing just enough and I really do not want that to dip. According to Catholic doctrine I don't have to fast or give up meat.

Oh and Nick is with me on giving up meat on Fridays!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6 Month Pediatrician Well Baby Visit

It went well. They are happy with her progress. Evie had way too much fun sitting on the table playing with the tissue paper!

Her milestones are going well. I always question her talking abilities. She isn't doing all different sounds that I can tell. But everything is high pitched (surprise surprise) so it is hard to make out different sounds.

Of course she did not like the shots. They did 3. Then as she was nursing afterwards, the nurse asked if we wanted the flu shot. Of course. So she got another one. She was not happy. One of the nurses was not as good. Evie has 2 bruises on her left leg from the shots. I feel so bad for her!

Her stats:
Height 27 inches (90%ile)
Weight 14lb 14.5oz (25%ile)
Head Circumference 40.5cm (10%ile)

So she is still growing long, but not gaining as much weight. They aren't worried. She is also getting over a bug over the weekend so that could play a part. Or she is just a long peanut!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Evie is 6 months old!

My dear Evelyn,

I cannot believe you are already 6 months old! Half a year has already passed since the wonderful day you were born. Wow. The past 6 months have flown by and I have cherished and loved every second!

A lot has gone on in the past month!

First you are sitting on your own. As long as I position you correctly. I do not have to put as much effort into making sure your legs are positioned right, you do that on your own. You do not wobble as much, you actually keep balanced - Even when reaching for toys. Such an improvement of you sitting properly without reaching for anything. Now you even can go towards the ground and do sit ups while sitting. Your core is getting strong!

Also your toy interaction has improved greatly. Your hand eye coordination is coming a long way. You are grabbing at toys. Keeping your hold on them. Putting them in your mouth (everything goes in your mouth), chewing on them. You are doing what you want with them! Growing and learning before my eyes!

Food has been fun! We started you first on oatmeal cereal. Then onto real foods. Avocado (not a hit), Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Bananas, Pears, Carrots, Green Beans. You are liking them all. May take a few times to warm up to them but you are enjoying the whole eating process. You are a pro at eating. From the first time you open your mouth up wide when the spoon comes close. You don't make a mess at all. Most of the mess is from it falling off the spoon before it gets to your mouth. I am starting to mix foods together to give you some depth in flavor, and you seem to be enjoying it. I have not made much homemade baby food for you. It takes a lot of time, and I am not 100% on my game. Sorry. But I have found you 100% organic baby food and the only ingredient is the food that you are eating - so very close to homemade! I want to make more, and will try to make batches and freeze on the weekends........

The introduction of solids means that your poops are lovely! Haha. I know what you did not want to read. Dad keeps saying we should just keep you on breastmilk.....

Speaking of breastmilk - WE MADE IT 6 MONTHS NURSING! That is the first goal I had for us! I am very happy we are there. You have only had breastmilk since about 1.5-2 weeks old! It has taken dedication, and we have come a far way. But you love it as do I. We will continue till 1 year (9 months is the first goal). The thought was to stop at a year, but I have a feeling I will want to continue morning and/or evening nursing sessions. I love it so much and it is a time with just you and you seem to enjoy it too. xoxoxo.

We also had your first plane trip across the country. You loved it! You handled the plane ride wonderfully! Slept, ate, played, fussed a little while falling asleep, cuddled, ate, etc. You loved visiting California. Loved being in summer clothing. Loved wearing no socks (as did I). You are great with visitors and people you have never met. You never minded being passed from person to person. Such a social butterfly. Hope you keep that up!

One other thing you started right before your 6 month birthday. You love dogs! Visiting my parents (they are still figuring out their names for you to call them, they say it is up to you), you started laughing at the dogs. You reach for them every time they come near. You love the puppies and I can't blame you! They will love it when you start to chase them around the house!

It has been a fantastic month my little girl. Cannot believe how fast you are growing up! Soon you will have your first tooth. Soon you will be crawling. Wow I cannot believe it.

I love you my beautiful little girl. So very much. All I want to do is be with you! Especially after spending a week with you due to snow storms and traveling! Love You!