Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weight Loss So far

So I have lost 2 pounds to 174 as of Saturday morning. I did a great work out on Saturday at stroller strides and was sore till Monday. Such a good feeling.

Food over the weekend was ok. We went out to mexican to celebrate a friends birthday (chicken mole, but only had 2 small tortillas and pulled the cheese off the beans). Sunday celebrated Chinese New Year at our favorite Thai Restaurant, I had so much yummy food. Monday I was pretty good, but ended the day with mac and cheese. Also forgot it was monday since we had the day off and did not do my dance class, am kind of sad about that.

Yesterday I did not go to the gym since I had a 5.5 hour meeting. Today I can't go because I have a doctors appointment. Ugh. But I am watching what I am eating so I don't stray too much. I will work out tomorrow! I know I will! I have to!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Last night we were invited to go to our favorite Thai restaurant to celebrate their chinese new year celebration. The restaurant was packed with loyal costumers and friends. A lot of people we work with were invited too! The celebration started around 6:30. All week was not sure if we would go, depending on Evies mood and sleep schedule. But we were lucky!

Yesterday she had a playdate and played hard! After she took a 2 hour nap until 5pm! I could not believe it. So we were able to go!!! You would not believe it - she stayed up until 9pm!!! Seriously.

We enjoyed some insanely yummy Thai food. I do not know the names of the dishes but they were good. My favorite was a beef and asparagus dish. And of course pad thai.

Evie did not eat as much as I was expecting. I dished up 2 plates one for me and one for evie. She ended up sitting on my lap and ate my plate while I ate hers. She enjoyed feeding me more than feeding herself. I think she had some noodles and some chicken. The food was spicy, and a few times I had to wipe her tongue off... But no crying. I think she was overwhelmed with all the people, but had fun playing.

Was a fun night! I still cannot believe she did so well and stayed up so late.

This morning she is still in bed at 9am! She woke up around 6:45 and played happily in her crib. She had one cry that lasted for 3 seconds but fell back asleep. I know we tuckered her out, but cannot believe she is still in bed.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

St. Valentine's Day Craft

Just a small hint of a craft family members will be getting for Valentines day (if I can get them sent out tomorrow!)

(someone loves cheese)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dancing For Birth, Fun, and Fitness Class

Last night at my favorite local baby boutique, I attended a belly dancing class! Well it has some belly dancing, african dancing, hula, and club dancing. We got to wear the skirts that have coins on them to make noise and got to play with scarves!

The class was a lot of fun. And I could see it being a decent different work out once I know the moves and are not thinking too much. It was also nice to get out of the house, get some good laughs in, and socialize with some girls without a kid around!

I did sweat some, and know I will sweat more as I get more comfortable in the class. Got some good muscle burn and cramping during it too!

This class is not just for pregnant women (it used to be called dancing for birth) but for everyone! 3 of us were not pregnant and the other 3 were (all good into their second or third trimester). And the very pregnant women reminding me of the ickyness of the last month of pregnancy is holding off any baby fever for a bit (hello night time charlie horses).

I am going to go again next week! I think I'll try to make this a regular monday class. And as they were showing, it is a good workout once you know the moves! This is so a class I will attend whenever I am pregnant again too, whenever that will be, which I have no clue.

The only sorta sucky part of it is that I don't get home till 8:45. Then dinner, cleanup. Nick was awesome and cleaned the kitchen and got together Evie's lunch! Just will have to prepare more so I don't stay up till 10:30 like last night (a good 1 hour past my bedtime :) ).  But next week after class we are all going out for a drink and a snack to continue the conversations!

My Adventurous Eater

On Sunday we went to a super bowl party. We went early to visit so they could play with Evie while she was awake, happy, giggly, fun, etc, and not be stuck out with a tired cranky baby.

Evie had a blast! She got to try all sorts of foods, and everyone was surprised by what she at (my little piggy).

She tried chips and salsa. She would slurp the salsa off the tortilla chip and just look at me "more salsa please"
Nick gave her a bit of a buffalo wing. She demanded one of her own. I pealed the meat off the bone and didn't give her much skin (I think it is gross). But she ate a whole buffalo wing!
She also had cheese, grapes, pineapple, pigs in a blanket, a chip with onion dip, a few bits of a lemon cookie.

But what 1.5 year old eats buffalo wings and salsa? My kid! So happy she loves 'adult' foods with flavor and some spice. I swear putting some spice early into her baby purees are now paying off!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Back on the Work Out Wagon

Yep I am. After a month + of sicknesses, lazyness, holdiays, etc. I am back working out!

Thursday and Friday of last week I went to the gym at work. One of the reasons I had not gone to the gym during the work week was that I just did not find the time to go. Since I leave earlier now, going at 2 just did not work (get back to my desk at 3 and then leave at 4, yeah like I'll get work done then). So I finally realized that the perfect time to go is at 10:30, before lunch. What is great about this is that since I just worked out, I am more likely to get a salad for lunch than something tasty (fresh pizza, special yummyness). A win-win!

One funny about the gym. The butterfly presses have always been hard for me. I tried the machine and the first weight was actually easy. I guess carrying a 20+ lb kid around has built muscle mass.

I also started tracking what I eat on again (and using their app for my phone, gotta love that barcoad scanner!). I didn't track this weekend, but have made it a priority to eat veggies instead of other foods.  Last night was bad since we went to a super bowl party.... but I did not pig out.

I also worked out hard at stroller strides on saturday. My legs are still sore. But I didn't let that stop me from going to the indoor playground with evie (and climbing up 2 stories with her over and over again to do the big kid slide). We had so much fun!

Today, I am going to the gym again. Also tonight I am going to a dance workout class (like Zumba I assume, but not). Excited about it.

Yes I am weighing myself. Was not happy when I saw the scale on Saturday night (yeah why am I weighing myself at nighttime?). It was 175 (boo). So 25lb to where I would love to be, 15lbs to where I would be happy. Not too bad. But at least when I went to the doctor in October, they said I had not gained any weight in a year, I got congratulated on that since most people gradually move up, but not where I want to be.

Need to get my balance ball out of the basement and start using it at night for some extra toning.