Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Snack Bags

A few weeks (or maybe months) ago I saw that planet wise, one of the brands we use for wet bags, came out with snack bags. What a great idea!

I always hated using sandwich bags. Felt bad for throwing away barely used and dirty plastic bags, but never felt safe re-using for old food in them. And tell you the truth, those flimsy plastic bags were impossible to rinse out.

Talking to my mom, she said they use a lot of those cheapy plastic containers. Well and fine, but my dogs love to steal them for a chew toy... And I want to phase those out of my house in change for glass since I think it is safer to use more glass and less plastic in general.

So I ordered two of these reusable bags.One snack size and one sandwich size.

They are velcro closure. Easy to use. Surprisingly they actually help my sandwich not get squished! No one likes a squished PB&J. Easy to clean - usually just use a little dish soap and rinse. And the prints are just cute! I think I may get a few more for easy snack toting in the diaper bag (and the prints do stand out when searching through an unorganized bag).

I really like the snack size bags. Good for some cookies, crackers, cheese, etc.

A local mom/baby store has the Itzy Ritzy snack happened snack bags. They also have some cute prints, but I have not gotten one yet. I like how it is a zipper closure instead of the velcro since velcro eventually does not hold.  They don't seem as 'sturdy' as the planet wise ones so I think my sandwich would have a possibility of being squished. Next time I am in I think I'll pick one up to give it a test drive and to have on hand.

I know I will want to pick up more when we have our trip to CA later this summer. Will make it so much easier and less bulky than putting Evie's snacks in plastic containers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

First Tooth!

Saturday, it looked like a tooth was close! We went to one of our mom's group buddy's 1st birthday party! While there, we both noticed something was close. She ate some of my food, and gnawed on everything. That evening, we felt a tooth popping through!!!! CANNOT BELIEVE MY BABY GIRL HAS HER FIRST TOOTH!

The tooth next to it is so close to popping through too!

Yesterday was not fun thought. I found something that helped ease her discomfort. I put cold apple slices in the mesh feeder. She was able to chew/gum the apple without ingesting chunks. The coldness helped her gums feel better. And the sweetness of the apple helped too!

Then she only wanted to be held. So ergo it was! That made her so much more calm! Mom makes everything better :)

Evie's 9 month Dr. Visit

It has been a while since an update. Life is just busy, as is everyone's is.

Evie is now 9 months old! She is such a big girl. I do plan on writing a letter to her, to encompass month 7, 8 and 9. I loved doing the monthly letters to her, just time got away from me and work got busy. Not a good excuse.

May 11, 2011, on her 9 month birthday, we went in for her 9 month doctor appointment! That morning was a little hectic. Dropped her off at day care. Got to work. Sat down, and outlook reminded me that yep Evie's 9 month appointment was that morning! Oooops! Ran to the car, picked her up at day care, picked up the diaper bag at home, and off to her appointment. I guess it is good -1- I get into work early and -2- I make her appointments for later morning so if things like this happen I can still make it!

We got to the appointment early.. And Evie is 16 lb 14 oz (20%ile). Length, I think the nurse didn't measure her right. Evie was crooked and her head was especially crooked looking at something on the ceiling. With a pencil they mark her height on the tissue paper on the bed. Since the crookedness, especially Evie's head being straight, I don't think she got an accurate measurement. But they said 27.5 in (52%ile). I really think she is 28+ inches. But whatever. Her head circumference is 42cm (10%ile).

/***start small rant about units***/
OK it really bothers me that the doctors office cannot make their mind on what units to use! Really keep with metric. You are part of the scientific community. Use Metric Please! kilograms/grams vs lb/ounces, meter vs inches. And what really irks me is that the measurements are done in us standard units till the head circumference. At least pick one and stick with it!
/***end small rant about units***/

She said we could start her on pretty much everything we eat (except peanut butter, honey, and whole eggs, those are all 1 year). So since then this girl has been loving her food! And since starting more and more table foods, her dexterity has greatly improved!

Evie is a little behind on her developmental things, but she is not concerned. No crawling yet. Not too much consonant sounds. Not pulling to standing. Yes every kid is different. Just was hard to hear since her growing has slowed according to the doctor and she is a little behind. May have shed a few tears in the car on the way to day care. But got to day care and they assured me she is not behind at all. She is doing great.  I guess a lot of it is that, working mom guilt, I can't spend a lot of time with her and don't know 100% sometimes when they ask about her words.

But this past weekend I really did know. She is a talker and is saying all consonant . Just only when she is in the mood to talk, which is early morning and afternoon after naps. If we put her on her knees, she rocks. If a toy is beyond her reach, she will stretch and get into the crawling stance, sometimes sit back up or lay down on her belly and play. She is starting to sort of pull up! So not behind at all!

And the best part of the 9 month check up - NO SHOTS! Yep NO SHOTS!!