Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Favorite baby items so far

Yes my baby is 6 weeks old. I do not know how this happened. Need to work on a monthly post for him. Maybe I'll do a monthly post on what each kid is up to...

Anyways, here are some of my favorite items that we got for the second kid.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
These blankets are great! I only have 1 right now but plan on getting a few more. They are nice and light weight. A good covering for Julian to keep him out of the sun. Are fantastic swaddles, especially when it is hot. They are large too so they will work for swaddling for a long time. I love how I can cram it into the diaper bag too. Wish I had these with Evie!

Rock 'n Play
Julian likes to be held. He likes to be moving. He likes to feel close and closed in. I used this at a moms group and was able to get him down for a nap without holding him and bouncing him. Really! Was amazing. I use it 1/2 of the time at night. Try the bassinet first, and when that does not work, I use this. Amazing!

Yoga Ball
This is the one we have. It is a life saver. I had a medium one before for working out, but when your baby likes to be bounced for hours, this is a necessity. Easier to use. You can get better bounces out of it. I love this one since it is weighted and stays in place much better than the non weighted ones.

A wrap is so needed with a newborn. They are close, they can smell you, they can hear your heart beat, and they are swaddled like so they feel like they are in the womb again. It really helps calm Julian down and lets me get things done. Yes it is a hot device. When it is hot and humid like the past few days I try not to use it since yeah we both are covered in sweat (gross I know). Also makes shopping so much easier. I have grocery shopped many times with this.

Ring Sling
(google image search) I made this before Julian was born. Love it. Quick on and off. I made mine out of linen to make it more breathable. I do need to alter it a bit to fix a little annoying issues and to make the tail shorter. But it is very workable as is and I use it a lot. I know I will use this thing for lots of day care drop off and pick up. Here are the instructions I used to make mine.

This is the one I have, a Hygeia Enjoye. I am enjoying it, does seem to get milk out faster than my Medela Freestyle. And since it was covered by insurance, every mom should get themselves a good pump!

White Noise App
I have a white noise app on my cell phone. This really helps calm him quick. I have left it on and have slept with it too. Static.... He seems to like the white noise better than birds, ocean, bugs, etc. Hey it makes him happy so I'll take it!

This thing is a lifesaver if you like hot coffee. I can make one cup and enjoy it without making too much coffee. Yes we have this cheaper one that takes a bit longer to warm up, but it really is not that long. I also have the ekobrew refillable cup. Cheaper to buy grounds and use this.

Mom's Groups - If you have not gone to a moms group, go to one. It is one of the healthiest things you can do as a new mom. A reason to get out of the house. A reason to laugh. A way to realize you are not crazy and what is happening with you and your newborn is NORMAL. It helps give you sanity.

There is one more thing we are debating about getting. A bottle warmer. Julian is very particular. He likes his bottles mommy temperature. So we are looking at one since he gets a bottle nightly to get him used to it. And I know I will be gone and Nick will be feeding him bottles during the weekend. And I know that the kids will be babysat and a bottle will need to be given. Currently it takes a good 10 minutes to warm the bottle, where a lot of the reviews of warmers I see it takes 4 minutes. Could be worth it.

Of course there are a few more things I forgot and want to add:

These are great breast pads! I did not need them with Evie, but a second time nursing mom, I need them this time. They don't show much under clothing. They are absorbent and so soft. I did have issues with bleeding and cracked nipples. Other breast pads would stick to my nipples and I would have to run under water to get it off without pealing off the scabs. These did not stick and helped me heal. I love them.

Lily Padz
Also great breast pads! They really helped with healing. They stick to your boobs so you don't need to wear a bra (I always do now). They really really helped with my cracked nipples. No sticking. They helped with my over supply. You don't leak with them - they apply pressure to your nipples to prevent you from leaking.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

This stuff is so much better than the lanolin they give you in the hospital. Goes on easier. And I think it helped me heal quicker. It is food grade stuff, so it is safe for your baby to ingest if he/she does. Wonderful product!

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