Thursday, May 30, 2013

Breastfeeding the second time around

So starting breastfeeding Evie was not easy. She would not latch. I had to try to latch her, using sugar water or formula and a syringe. Then feed her with a syringe. Then pump. It was a LONG process, and by the time I was done, everything cleaned for the next time, it was time to do it all over again. It sucked. She was starving since she was not eating enough. I would not have made it through it if it was not for Nick. He was a great support and so helpful in those first few days. Then we moved to a nipple shield, which let her latch, but I still pumped and supplemented with that. I believe we were off the shield around a month.

I was able to breastfeed Evie for 22 months. She decided when she was done. Loved it that way. Around a year we only nursed morning and night since I was DONE pumping at work.

Either it is because I am more confident, or my boobs are more prepared, or Julian is more willing, but nursing is going so much better this time around!

He latched right away in the delivery room! I am nursing on demand and not paying attention to the clock. I really think this helped my milk come in early. When we left the hospital (day 2 - monday birth wednesday left) my milk was already coming in! Was great. (Note: it may have helped that I was drinking Mom's Milk tea in the hospital). Funny - but the lactation consultants at the hospital were surprised about how well things were going. They said I was their easiest patient of the day!

Then I started to get engorged on Thursday. Wow this did not happen the first time around. It was painful. I iced my boobs after feeding. Took ibuprofen. And was generally uncomfortable. Friday (or maybe Thursday I don't remember) I went to Target to get soothies. My nipples were cracked. They both were bleeding. Julian was spitting up some digested blood from them. It was such a pretty picture. The soothies helped a lot.

Some of the issue I believe was that:
1 - was engorged
2 - was not using lanolin after every feeding
3 - was overproducing and his latch would lessen after the initial sucks

Monday I switched over from using soothies to using lilypadz and motherlove nipple cream. These are helping so much more. I was having an issue of some milk leaking out and drying on the breast pad/shirt/bra and having to pry my nipple off of it since it was stuck. Have not had this issue with the lilypadz!

I am leaking this time around, which did not happen with Evie. I want to get some bamboobies breast pads. Have been wanting to get some the past few days, but have not made it to babies r us (maybe today).

And here is a lovely picture of me breastfeeding Julian in the delivery room. Nothing is shown that should not be, and breastfeeding is lovely :)

For the past few days Julian's feeding schedule has been around 2-3 times at night (goes from 3-5 hours between feedings). Then continues 2-3 through the day. Cluster feeding starts around 4 and goes to 7. But then is done for a while! Yes I am currently getting sleep!

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