Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Giving Up

I have given up thinking that this kid will come on its own.

Yesterday I did lots of stair walking (every other stair), lots of lunges, lots of butterfly stretches, etc. I got some good contractions out of it, but everything puttered out mid afternoon. Blah.

Have not had many contractions since then. Today I had indian for lunch and chinese for dinner, so maybe? But I think I'll wake up to my alarm clock in the morning.

I just doubt my body knows how to go into labor. Or my kids like staying inside. Either he likes this water bed, where his sister isn't climbing all over him (just all over me). It is warm and cozy, and I get that.

I wish doctors were not so hopeful in saying when they think you will give birth. I remember during Evie's pregnancy that they did this and they are doing it again. At my 37ish week appointment, was talking to the doctor and she said that she thought I would be closer to my due date, most likely earlier. Yeah right.

Maybe this weekend. Maybe. If not Monday is the induction. So at most 4.5 days. I hope this induction goes as fast as Evie's was.

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