Saturday, May 25, 2013

Introducing Julian Alexander

Julian Alexander was born Monday May 20 at 1:41 pm!

The morning started off normal. Woke up went to the bathroom, started to loose mucus plug (got excited). Was very excited, maybe things are starting on their own!

Got Evie ready for daycare (school). Dropped her off. Then we headed to the hospital to start the induction process!

Got there a tad after 7am. Went straight to our room and I put on a Johnny. Was a corner odd shaped room, but whatever. Sat in bed and they hooked me up to the monitors. Asked questions, filled out paper work (digital), signed (digital), and just got ready.

The OB came in, saw I was contracting some (they said it was about 3-5 minutes apart). At 7:40 am the OB broke my water and said she would see how that went before using pitocin. She noticed that there was a bit of meconium in the water, so he had to be monitored a bit more.

OK the water breaking was different than it was with Evie. The contractions started to get more painful. With Evie there was one big BIG gush. This one there was a gush, but not as big. And I kept trickling out fluid all day. Like got up and even though I was wearing a pad, it would gush onto the floor and down my leg. Awesome.

With the water broken, the contractions did get much more painful. Very quickly I had to concentrate through them.

At around 8 am they had to start an IV so I could get the IV antibiotics. The nurse warned me that my arm would feel it, and she was not kidding. Was a slight burning sensation, and uncomfortable. She gave me a warm blanket to put on my arm, and yes it did help a lot with the pain. Took a good 30 minutes or more to get the bag of antibiotics.

Sat in bed for a few, channel surfed. The nurse got me an exercise ball since I knew I would want to use it. Ordered breakfast (fruit, blueberry muffin, juice).

Got on the exercise ball and kind of watched tv. Was doing some hip movements I knew from dancing for birth class. Really helped me through each contraction. I loved that exercise ball. Did not want to walk, since the contractions were decently uncomfortable. Was nice not to be tethered to the monitors too. Every once and a while she would get a listen to the baby, but that was it.

Around 10 am I decided to get in the tub. The nurse started the water for me and got the tub nice and warm. She fluid locked the IV and I got into the tub. Nick brought in our bluetooth speaker and listened to music and just sat in the tub. It was not as good as I thought it would be. The tub was not deep enough. Did not use the jets, just was not feeling them. Tub at home would have been MUCH better. Stayed in the tub for a good hour I believe. Got out when she wanted to get a listen to the baby.

Got back on a Johnny and hoped into bed for the listen. Then got back onto the exercise ball. It was my place of choice this labor. I would like to say the contractions were 3 or less apart and lasting a decent amount of time. At noon they started a second bag of antibiotics, but this one had lidocaine in it so it was not painful at all. Was able to be on the ball with the IV stand. But still not hooked up to monitors!

At a bit before 1pm they were getting decently painful. Nick could tell I was getting close since he could tell the level of pain I was in. The nurse and I were curious how far I was, so I got into bed and she asked the doctor to come by once she was out of a c-section. Took a while, and laboring was HARD. She came in and I was a good 7cm. The nurse told me that 7-10 goes quickly.

Was trying not to get pain meds. But the contractions were one after another, and the time between there was a dull contraction. So a constant contraction that would increase in pain then decrease but not go away. Asked for Nubain around 1:10 and got it quickly. I felt it. At this point in labor it does not do much, but helped with the duller in between contractions pain level. Was uncomfortable in bed, but did not want to move. Was more comfy when I was on my side, but sat up during a contraction.

Around 1:20 I started involuntary pushing with each contraction. Wow could not control that and was really odd feeling. Nurse checked me and yep it was baby time! She went to find the OB. They were quite busy at that time so 2 of the OBs from the practice were there. The OB that was overseeing me was busy so another OB delivered (and I love her).

Started pushing at 1:30. Was a different feeling than pushing with Evie. Just felt like I had to push harder. And I knew I was pooping...haha... 3-4 pushes and his head was out. Took a break to gather my breath and then 1-2 more and his shoulders were delivered. 1:41 he was born!!! They kept him down there for a minute or two until the cord stopped pulsing then he came to me skin to skin. Amazing feeling. Immediately my heart grew. 8 lbs 3 oz 21 inches long!

Cuddled with him for a good 20 minutes while I delivered the placenta. I had to do some pushing to deliver it and my OB had to tug on the cord. OK that did feel odd feeling her tug on the cord. Took a while surprisingly. Then she started to stitch me up. A small second degree tear. She did a lot of 1-2 stitch cosmetic stitches. Like a lot.

They took him to get checked out. His temperature was a bit low so he came back to skin to skin and piled two warm blankets on us.

Interesting note - I did not shake at all after birth like I did with Evie. Maybe because I didn't have pitocin? Maybe because I didn't have as much IV fluid?

I ordered lunch and ate it with him on me. His temperature slowly started to climb. I got cleaned up and sat in the wheel chair. Then started to feel light headed. Sat with my head between my legs for a bit and slowly felt better. My blood pressure must have dropped when I got up.

We got wheeled to the Maternity area and settled into our room a bit before 3. He started nursing off great! Evie came and visited. She is fascinated with him!

She left that evening with her YiaYia and Papou. Nick stayed with me until 9 and headed home so Evie could have a normal morning. They stopped by the gift shop and Evie got him a little stuffed doggie that looks just like Luna! She was so proud of herself to get him a gift. We had breakfast together and she headed to daycare. Nick came back and hung out with us all day. He was an excellent nurser all day! Around 4 he headed out and got Evie and brought her home to do the normal after school stuff.

Was not bad being alone in the hospital. I sent him to the nursery at night so I could have a deep sleep. Was nice not to have to listen up for him. He was able to get his testing done, vital signs done, etc. I was able to shower before Nick came over in the morning. Yes sending him to the nursery was a great idea and they brought him back when it was time to eat!

We got discharged on Wednesday morning. Julian's weight was down to 7 lbs 12 oz. An expected weight loss.

So in love!

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